ulla hell


2.4 Fredag 11.08.17 20.10

((( FEEL. - Kendrick Lamar )))

Elias was sitting on his bed wearing grey sweatpants and a hoodie; the glow from the laptop in front of him the only thing that illuminated his dimly lit room. He was scrolling through Facebook, doing nothing in particular, when his phone pinged with a text message from Yousef.

Yousef: Are you OK? What’s wrong?

Elias sighed. After having turned down every offer to hang out from the boys earlier, he figured they must’ve noticed something was off.

He frowned at the question. What was wrong? Well he hadn’t gotten the job. He felt stupid for even trying. That was all he did. Tried and failed. He thought about the countless job interviews he had gone to, the numerous courses he’d taken. Nothing had worked out. Everyone always told him to be patient and something would turn up. But what were you supposed to do when after endless attempts, it still felt like nothing was happening? After staring at his phone for a good five minutes, he typed out a response.

Elias: Nothing’s wrong

He waited. There was no reply.

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