ulla anderson

Meet Ulla Anderson, Terry’s sister! She’s five years younger than him, and at 5′10′’, 9 inches taller~

She has a soothing effect on her brother’s rampant temper. She’s able to calm him down, and some say she’s “tamed” him, though he insists otherwise. She adores her brother, and looks up to him as a role model, and she doesn’t know that he feels the exact same way. 

She’s incredibly strong, and has, in the past, picked up and carried Les. More than once. She doesn’t like conflict, and prefers to resolve it through talking it out, or just plain retreating. 

With a tender heart and a natural charm about her, she likes most everyone she meets, and most everyone she meets likes her too. Terry is incredibly proud of her, even if he barely ever says so.