Listen Tumblr Youth, read my comic and I’ll buy ALL of you a bRaNd nEw 1bed 1bath underground bunker, complete with a Uline Foam Pallet for sleep, and a bucket of some GAS trees imported from a weed sage in Canada whose name I’m not allowed to know but I know he’s good for it.

Just a head’s up for those of you doing Christmas shopping this year; this is the official #GrabYourWallet boycott list of companies that do business with the Trump family.




Neiman Marcus


Lord and Taylor


Trump Hotels

Trump Golf Courses

Trump Winery


Bed Bath & Beyond

Scion Hotels

Sacs off Fifth








Sears (southeastern only)

Also for your consideration to boycott:

NASCAR: (ceo supports trump)

Hobby Lobby: (basically the worst art supplier ever, denies it’s employees birth control and supports trump. Michael’s is more expensive but they have great sales and are basically worth it. In some areas there’s also Jerry’s Art Supplies)

ABC Supply (ceo supports trump)

Forbes.com (ceo supports trump)

National Enquirer: (Endorses trump)

MillerCoors: (founder gave trump money)

Jenny Craig: (board member supports Trump)

Uline: (ceo raised funds for Trump)

People Magazine: (working to normalize Trump)

New Balance: (ceo supports trump)

Yuengling Beer: (founder supports Trump)

Also congratulations to Shoes.com who dumped all of their Trump products recently! I look forward to seeing this list grow.

Remember that you can always call these companies at their customer service hotlines and urge them to stop carrying Trump products.

This is the official list by the way:



We’ve never read the ULINE catalog together, I suppose because it can be a pretty intimate experience. I think we’re ready to take it to the next level.

I am embarrassing low on crossover ladders. I’m going to fill the neighborhood with fake rocks and hide EVERYTHING. I’m looking for something fancier for my crowd control needs. And always remember, my babies, you can diy filling your void.

Keith Ape - IT G MA Lyrics (Romanized) (Jay AllDay, Loota, Okasian, KOHH)

To celebrate their soon-to-be concert in NYC April 7th!!!

Ij-ji ma!
Underwater squad
Yeojeonhi mom-en kamo
(Skrr Skrr Skrr)
Orca ninjas go rambo
(Rambo. rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo)

Ij-ji ma (ma, ma)
(Whoo!) (ma, ma)
Underwater squad (squad, squad)
(Skrr) (squad, squad)
Yeojeonhi mom-en kamo
(Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape Bape)
Orca ninjas go rambo
(Rambo. rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo)

[Verse 1: Jay Allday]
ij-ji ma, ij-ji ma, uliga ijjibang
Bich-i na, bich-i na, uliga bich-i na
Singyeong kkeo, neoneun neo, naneun na
We the killer whales, nalgae pigo don wieseo

C-O-H-O-R-T, we the Cohort, pay these boys
Motherfucker fucker, judung-iman

Ppeokkeumppeokkeum (fuck ‘em)
Neoneun neo, naneun na, bad-adeul-yeo eoseo
neoneun namdeul yoghal ttae naneun don beolleo

[Verse 2: Loota]
Nōmiso ni jouro wa nikka hamaki ni kisu
Kami o yuwae mata tsugi no sen ni iku
Hirogeru sekai chizu, them ninjas on the mission

Jama-sha wa yōshanaku kiru
Shinu ikiru kake terya tōzen no gimu
Mite mi Kill biru,
Hito wa saigo lonely
Nokoseru mono wa ōi ni koshita koto nai kono isshō

Aye Mothafucka, y'all can feel my pain
Yōi wa shite nē iiwake
Sorya shinda me ja oikakete konai tinkābell
Lotta chicks round’ here

Ij-ji ma! (ma, ma)
(Whoo!) (ma, ma)
Underwater squad (squad, squad)
(Skrr) (squad, squad)
Yeojeonhi mom-en kamo
(Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape Bape)
(Skrr Skrr Skrr)
Orca ninjas go rambo
(Rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo)

[Verse 3: Keith Ape]
Bitch, I’m a zombie
Neomu masin ssagulyeo Codein
Yeojeonhi mom-eneun geom/huin camo down
You know we going,
Harder than a mutha muthafucking ape
Nan yogjyoe nuwo syopinghae
(Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape)
Geugeon Bape Bape Bape Bape Bape
(South Gang gang bang bang bang)
Kisseu eipeu, ij-ji ma, Killer Whale
Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer

Suyeonghae suyeonghae suyeonghae
(Suyeonghae suyeonghae suyeonghae)
Ulin god don-eulo suyeonghae
(Suyeonghae suyeonghae suyeonghae)
Neonen keompyuteolo gugyeonghae
(Don-eulo suyeonghae suyeonghae)
Neone salmkkaji naega juyeonhae
(Suyeonghae suyeonghae suyeonghae)
Geunikka ij-ji ma nae ileum, jeoldaelo ij-ji ma nae

tim-eul (Squad)
ij-ji ma jeoldae (Nah) nae ileum, ij-ji ma (Squad)

Jeoldae (Nah) nae tim-eul (Squad)
Hangug-eseo ulil (Nah) ij-eum gwileul ilh-eo.


[Verse 4: Okasian]
ij-ji ma, I’m a muhfucking trendsetter
(nal ij-ji ma)
All my shit very rare, never seen ‘em, have you?

(mos bwassjanh-a)
Midji ma neone oppa, don-eul beolgin gaeppul
Gaesoliya, gaesoliya, don-eul beolgin gaeppul
Yeojeonhi mom-en camo, sang-eogajug geolchin

chaelo (Bape)
Yeogineun gangnamdaelo, golmoggil deul-

eogamyeon ujulo (space)
Geol-eum an-e pyeonghwa, jumeoni an-en

Nae jeongsin-eul dolgo dol-aseo jejali, gim-yeon-a

Ij-ji ma! (ma, ma)
(Whoo!) (ma, ma)
Underwater squad (squad, squad)
(Skrr) (squad, squad)
Yeojeonhi mom-en kamo
(Bape, Bape, Bape, Bape Bape)
(Skrr Skrr Skrr)
Orca ninjas go rambo
(Rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo, rambo)

Ij-ji ma!

[Verse 5: KOHH]
Never! Never! Never forget! (Never forget!)
Oboe toke wasureruna (Whoo)
Arekore sore taisetsuna no dore? (Hon dorega)
Iranai mono sute chaou (poy)
iru mono dakearya shiawasena no kamo

shirenaidaro (oh!)
Arigatō (arig-Atō)
Ore wa ore no ashi de aruku (boak)
Kireina kutsu (new kicks!) mata yogoshi makuru
Shoe lace hazusu Air Force ONE! (Air Force!)
(nice kicks)
Sore ka boroi konbāsu to omotai kawa Jan de
Kibun wa rokkusutā (Whoo) (Aye!)
Chūingamu o kaminagara kii teru burūhāts
Yaritakunai koto yatteru hima wa ne ̄
(Noo no! no!)
Yaritakunai koto yatteru hima wa ne ̄ (whoooo)
tte itteta māshī (mashi)
Tashiro janai (nah)
Kako no hanashi
Sun noda sai
Kara mukashi no koto wasure chattara ī!!!

timeclouds  asked:

hello ms emi! i want to start selling prints, keychains, etc. online but i don't know where to start. since you run a storenvy store, i was curious where do you get your merch printed? and do you have any advice for someone just starting out as an online vendor? tysm for reading this and have a nice day!

hey! sorry i didn’t get this until now TUMBLR DOESN’T NOTIFY ME ANYMORE so i have to manually check inbox when i remember x(

i get my prints at a local minuteman press, maybe you have one near you! i have also used fireball printing while i was in the east coast. if you are doing smaller print runs you can also go to your local staples/office max/etc but they are usually more expensive. i get small prints done at walgreens/target using their photo service. 

for cosmetic bags and stuff i used artscow.com, but i haven’t ordered in a while just bc the profit margin is much lower than prints. i know some people have a more direct and cheaper way to print them overseas but it’s a bigger hassle so i haven’t bothered. 

for advice hmm, i’m still pretty bad at online selling tbh lol x( i know people who print shipping labels and stuff from the site/paypal but i messed up the one time i tried so i haven’t since, i just take a batch to the post office each time and let them hate me lol. i charge cheaper for prints online than at cons since shipping rates have been steadily rising each year. it’s ridiculous now for international shipping.

i used to get shipping supplies from uline since they’re the cheapest and biggest BUT they donate to homophobic causes so here’s a good post with alternatives: http://vitupera.tumblr.com/post/79472710782/

hope this helped! 

Why, after all, do writers write? What is the impulse, the insistence on story, on seeing and representing the world? It has little to do with technology although everything to do with narrative, which is a purpose that, on the surface, technology also seems to share. The difference is that the writer creates narrative with intention, whereas technology merely gathers, or processes, information, leaving interpretation, analysis, up to us.
—  Let’s just say David L. Ulin doesn’t think Joyce would work for Google after all.
Sometimes the work that renders us the most uncomfortable is that which allows readers to connect: both because of how they see us, and also because of how it coaxes them to see themselves. This is the squishy middle ground of self-exposure, in which the more we share about the depths of our own circumstance, the more (paradoxically) we connect.
—  David Ulin