Supersonic Visits: A Day in the Life of Ron Ulicny.

Photographer Shaun Roberts spent a day with sculptor and visionary artist Ron Ulicny in Portland, Oregon following him as he searched out interesting items at various thrift stores and worked on his art in his crammed-full-of-curiosities studio.  Ulicny, originally from the East Coast, has a preternatural ability at transforming the familiar into a dimension of unfamiliar that excites and creates confessions from within like, “It’s better Ulicny’s way.”  Check out over 30 images of a day in the life of Ulicny below:

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Hello All…
I just wanted to let you know that one of my “classic" pieces "Skull Of Sarah Winchester" will be part of an upcoming group show called "The Enduring Skull" at the revisionspace gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. The show will run from October 31st thru Dec. 7th, 2014 and the opening reception is: Friday, Oct. 31st from 6-10pm. **NOTE: Due to some previously bad communication and unforeseen happenstance, the once unavailable “Sarah" WILL BE FOR SALE at this show!!! Please contact: Cindy at the gallery for pricing and details. & as always THANK YOU for your time and support! ;)

Revision Space
5262 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA. 15201

Skull Of Sarah Winchester”, 2011


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Tumblr Of The Week: http://ronulicny.tumblr.com/

Hey guys, back with another Tumblr Of The Week. We decided to spotlight a great artist this week one of which we’ve followed here on Tumblr for awhile. We’ve actually come to know him because of Tumblr. Ron makes sculptures and they are amazing, thought provoking, and surreal. Every piece has a concept and story behind the work. Visit his website to get an idea of the work he assembles, it’s brilliant! http://www.ronulicny.com/work.html His Tumblr is great as he shares a lot of his work, his inspirations, and the work of other talented artists. Check out his Tumblr but more importantly see his fantastic work. 

Vegan Taxidermy”, 2014


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 * HERE is a funSculptural / Photographic Illustration" I just did for tomorrow’s newest issue of the Willamette Week here in Portland, Oregon. Pick it up if you happen to live in PDX!

Another NEW ”Neon" piece from my current show "Paintures" at the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, CA…..Please stop by to check it out if you’re in or around the SF / Bay Area….Thx.

Painture No. 1 (Portrait)”, 2013

 By: RON ULICNY….(Facebook | InstagramTumblr )

Okay, So….here is a brand NEW piece from my current exhibition “Paintures" at Spoke Art in SF, CA…..

Painture No. 3 (Still Life)”, 2013

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