ulf art

I did it, I made something digitally with my tablet for the first time its been like a year or 2 not using it since my old laptop succs. but got a computer so now! I can finally do digital art again. sooo be on the look out of more art! and sorry for not posting, ive been in art block for the longest time but now I have new ideas and theres more to come 


Fanart - Vinland Saga + Modern Mobsters AU

Part 1 here.

So here’s Canute, Ulf and Thorfinn! As mentioned before Canute is the problematic heir of an insanely powerful and corrupted politician, and thus has been threatened and kidnapped more times than he can count. Once he got rid of his father -thanks to Askeladd-, he worked hard to repair the harm his family had caused while asserting himself as a future leader to be reckoned with. Ulf is his bodyguard but he also teaches Canute how to defend himself. I’m not sure he’s aware of his boss’s tendency to poison his political rivals though.

I was wondering if Canute could be a trans man in this AU. o: