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Warning: This is really crappy and I hate it. But there’s salty Meredith that I know you all love so here’s this really late unedited chapter.

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Word Count: 4,600+

It was another day in the Raeken house. You and Theo had taken a bath together and you stood by your promise to protect him; which was really an excuse to be the big spoon in every situation but there was no sex. You simply just showed how much you adored each other with slightly less carnal methods.

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A Deal With the Devil

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Pairing: Theo Raeken x Stiles Stilinski

Prompt: Hey, can you please write a Steo fic where Stiles needs Theo’s help because his dad’s got the supernatural infection (basically your last steo post) And in exchange for Theo’s help, Stiles also needs to ‘help’ Theo out… ifyaknowwhatimean

Warning: There’s boy on boy literally relations so if you’re uncomfortable with that then- Ulck…. It’s pretty smutty throughout but uhm- the real smut starts at the *

A/N: It’s my first official bxb imagine. I did a whole lot of research and I hope I did well… I felt a little awkward because well… It’s a little detailed and very new to me. But yea…. Enjoy?

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