I am constantly at war with my body and all of the things it takes away from me.
All I wanted was to spend time with my boyfriend and his mom. At 21 years old I should be more than capable of staying up past 12:30am.
But no. My entire body is screaming, my skin feels like it doesn’t belong, it feels foreign and itchy, my migraine is making it hard to see, and my stomach and colon are just not agreeing on anything.
I have to rudely rush home and can’t even have one of my favourite talks in my lovers car in the driveway because I can barely make it to the bathroom.

I’m exhausted and defeated.

@whimzywildangel​ OMG Why are you doing this to meee?!!? I’m crying, I have ulcers, I’m probably dying of heartbreak.˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

I love these (I especially love the runaway circus one, lolol Lance would totally think that up, haaha), though you all this angst is not good for my fragile heart.

I feel like being turned down by that Russian ESL company has numbed me from job rejection. I spent 6 solid days preparing for that interview and got an ulcer from it and, in three polite sentences, I was rejected by a woman named Yulia.


hi, this is my babie bagel, and unfortunately he has a large ulcer on his right eye that has developed into a descemetocoele, which can only be fixed through surgery. leaving it as is puts him at risk of rupturing his eye, which could result in him losing his eye completely. the doctor suggests that continuing treatment could scar his descemetocoele, making him okay, but his vision would still be impaired. right now, he is on antibiotic eye drops + antibiotic oral medication to prevent infections from happening + serum eye drops to help healing, and he’s going to continue receiving treatment until i can figure out how to pay for his surgery

the consultation for the surgery itself is around $90, and the surgery ranges $1.6-2k. i’m sure they have a payment plan, but even then, i’ll need help paying as i’m only a college student.

if you could help in any way, whether it be reblogging this post for awareness, or even donating just $1, i would very much appreciate your gratitude. at the very least, i want bagel to keep receiving treatment because without it, he’s sure to have his eye ruptured

you can donate through my paypal, ntn9ph@virginia.edu, or directly through this link: paypal.me/savebagelseye

thank you for taking the time to read this post, and spread it if you can please

PROMPT: Imagine your OTP catching each other staring at one another, but instead of looking away, they start making faces at one another and just end up giggling. (Link to prompt: here)

- Sirius couldn’t help but stare at Remus these days.

- He realised he had a massive crush on Remus around the time of the dreaded Prank during fourth year.

- He couldn’t stop thinking about him and how cute he was all throughout summer and was just dying to get back to Hogwarts to see him again.

- But when they came back for fifth year, Remus was … different.

- He was no longer just ‘cute’

- He was hot.

- He grew at least half a foot and stood at a tall 6'4 over Sirius’ short 5'8.

- His shoulders and arms had broaden.

- He had a sun kissed tan that highlighted all of the freckles on his face.

- He had cut his hair so he had an adorable undercut with curls bouncing on top.

- And his confidence glowed off of him.

- When Peter brought up how well Remus looked (because Sirius couldn’t get his jaw off of the floor to comment), he told him that he had a summer job as a gardener for a few of his neighbours.

- Later that night when the four of them were getting ready for bed, Sirius couldn’t stop staring at Remus getting changed.

- He knew it was creepy, but he just couldn’t help himself.

- The muscles on his back were defined, he had the starting lines of a six pack, and the V lines running down into his boxers.

- Damn his teenage hormones.

- Remus caught the look that Sirius was giving him and couldn’t help the lopsided smirk he had.

- Finally, he had Sirius’ attention.

- Sirius’ gaze had traveled up his body and was staring him in the eyes.

- Neither could break the eye contact they had.

- Neither wanted to.

- Sirius seriously contemplated to get up from his bed, push Remus down onto his, straggle him and kiss him within an inch of his life.

- James and Peter would just have to close their curtains and put a silencing charm up.

- Remus was feeling the exact same way, but did not have the confidence to do it.

- He had been craving Sirius’ attention since he had forgiven him for the prank.

- But now he had his attention, he didn’t know what to do with it.

- So he did the first thing that came to his mind.

- He puffed his cheeks out and crossed his eyes over.

- Sirius was NOT expecting that.

- He burst out howling, falling onto his back

- Remus’ face returned to normal as he laughed at Sirius’ outburst.

- Smiling widely, Sirius sat back up on the bed and put his index fingers into his mouth, pulling at the edges to stretch it out, pushed his tongue out and started flick it up and down whilst making gargling sounds.

- Remus couldn’t control his laughter at the sight.

- “What the hell are you two doing?” James piped up from his bed.

- “Erm … pulling funny faces at each other?” Remus said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

- James stomped over and stared at the both of them.

- Then grabbed onto his ears, pulled them out and made his tongue touch his nose.

- “Ooh, ooh let me try!” Peter jumped over to the boys, grabbing his eyelids, turning them inside out and rolling his eyes to the back of his head.

- “Ewww Pete!” They groaned, laughing all the same.

- And so began the night of funny faces and little sleep between the boys.

- Sirius and Remus still caught each others eyes subtly and shared small smiles

- Neither boy knew what it meant.

- But that would be something they would discuss another day.


            “ Leeteuk Instagram Update + INFO | 160817 “

@xxteukxx : ..they said its #stomachulcer ㅠㅠ..#iwasreallysick..#ihaveto#takecareofmyhealth.. ©teukables

160817 KTR - Leeteuk mentioned that he’s going for gastrointestinal endoscopy. (It’s stomach ulcer 😢)

Leeteuk said that he has stopped eating at 9PM because he’s going for ‘gastrointestinal endoscopy’ (Scope to look at the inside lining of your stomach) tomorrow.He was supposed to do the scope for intestines as well but that one would need him to take medicine & then he wouldn’t be able to do live KTR ‘Sukira’.

So he will only be doing the scope for stomach & that he doesn’t have much strength for radio show today.©

Get Well Soon Leader

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IBD SHORT FILM - I need your help!

hello friends! i am writing and directing a short film about IBD.

do you know of any misconceptions about IBD (Crohn’s and Colitis) that you would like to see debunked in the short film? i.e. are there any things youd like people to know about IBD that they prob dont already know? (for example, one misconception is that IBD is “just a bathroom disease”, even tho its not!)

if you could reply to this, message me, or reblog this w ur response, please do so! i really want this film to have many different opinions & what sorts of things you would like ppl to know about IBD. thank u sm!

What’s Wrong With Pearls?

Pearls, valued as jewellery and precious stones, are produced by oysters when an irritant enters their body. While pearls over 80 years old may have been taken from wild oysters, because pearls only occur in only 1 in 10,000 oysters, all commercially sold pearls are cultured in a lab. 

Pearls are actually the oyster equivalent of an ulcer, and like human ulcers, they are the result of stress or irritation. An irritant is injected into the body of the oyster, and the oyster responds by coating the irritant with layer upon layer of nacre, which is what we call Mother of Pearl. Fewer than half of oysters survive this process, and those who do are usually re-inserted with irritant.  Cultivators purposely stress oysters by suspending them in different temperatures and shaking their cage to speed up the process. 

While oysters are animals, they do not have central nervous systems and so they are unlikely to experience pain in a way resembling ours. However, there is simply no way to know this for sure, and just because their experience of stress and pain does not resemble ours, it does not follow that their experiences should not be taken into moral consideration. Oysters are clearly aware in that they do respond to stress and environmental changes, as this is the entire basis for the practices employed by the pearl industry. 

When we weigh up the potential harm caused against the gain, considering that pearls are by any reasonable definition an unnecessary luxury item, putting oysters through this process is unjustified. Given that synthetic pearls (pictured above) are widely available and are of sufficient quality to be indistinguishable from natural pears to anyone who is not a trained jeweller, there is no good reason to buy pearls that are farmed from living animals. 


This majestic mute swan was brought in to us recently by the RSPCA after missing the pond it was aiming for.
Emma took a good look at it and found it had numerous ulcers on its feet and bruising to the carpus. She also found a plastic cable tie that had been fastened tightly around the birds foot, compressing the skin but holding no additional information. This was quickly removed!
After a dose of painkillers, it was moved into one of our enclosures for some R&R. We hope it will be flying free again soon :)


Sleeping at other houses is the worst. (That’s not true, but I really hate it.)

Attempting to eat around everyone’s meals is one thing and I expect to eat a trigger food here or there, that’s just how it is. But getting up the next morning to machine gunfire in the bathroom and being terrified of waking somebody up with the sounds coming out of your ass is brutal. It’s embarrassing and it’s anxiety-inducing and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Not to mention that my girlfriend has to feel me get up and down off the air mattress every four seconds which wakes her up. That’s a shitty feeling too.

I know it’s not my fault that my body is like this, but my God, am I ashamed of it.


Man, this week really flew by.

After an intense 4-day training that ended Sunday afternoon, I returned to LA and went back to work the next day. I took Sir’s advice and skipped my normal 6am run, but I should have skipped the whole day. I had a morning of meetings, then packed my bag and left for home around noon.

My plan was to nap, but I was also expecting a call from my GI doc. Since finishing the steroids for my recent flare, I’ve been having some minor symptoms that, while not painful, I wanted to know if I should be concerned about. Long story short, I probably have hemorrhoids. I guess it’s common in people with UC. Yay. Oh, and GI doc suggested we do another colonoscopy, so now I have that scheduled for the day after Labor Day.

Tuesday, I had a lunch date with…Dr. Pickle. You may not remember that name, because it’s been 3 years since our first date. After his initial disappearing act, he would message me periodically. We were going to get together again, but then I felt like he was fetishizing me and called it off. He messaged me a few more times after that…always spaced by several months, and always routed to my okc spam. I don’t know why I replied to his most recent message, but I’m glad I did. He suggested coffee, I said lunch, we had a nice time and good conversation. Maybe we’ll get together again.

Speaking of getting together again, I had a date with someone…I guess 2 weeks ago now? We seemed to have a good time, but I also didn’t feel an intense connection. We haven’t had any communication since the date, but he was going on tour with his band and I had that training.

Salinger should be back in town any time now. I look forward to seeing him again.

Oh! And I have plans with Rockstar! For the end of September. Ha ha. That’s one thing I love about that guy - he’s not afraid of scheduling far in advance.

Back to health stuff: I go in to Kaiser in about an hour for the sequel to my hysteroscopy, during which they will remove the growth in my uterus and place an IUD. (for all the extra-marital sex I’m having right now…ha ha). I should be fine afterward, but have taken the whole day off to relax.

Except that I was up at 4:45am this morning, after a night of cocktails and fine dining, to run 7 miles with my running buddy at work. Because I’m a little crazy like that.

There’s more going on, but I think that’s enough for now. Happy Friday everyone!

Brace Yourself

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Words: 317

Request: hi! i just got braces a little but ago and im feeling really insecure about them. do you think you could write about chanyeol or sehun helping the reader not feel as embarrassed and insecure? its okay if you dont want to :)

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I think the worst part about this is my left ear is basically non functional and I have to rely completely on my right, but rn it’s blocked and I literally can’t hear anything out of it, so I mean for all intents and purposes I’m deaf rn and in pain with like 284731824 things wrong with me and I CAN’T EVEN HEAR MYSELF COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM


Energy Surges

19 August 2016
Thursday started with a power outage at home in more ways than one - the electricity was out and I was lacking spark myself. I worked up a bit of energy after my shift at the clinic with lats and squats; triceps and Bulgarian split squats. This afternoon it was time to recharge my inflammation fighters; a cup of tea, feet up, and my eight-weekly Remicade infusion.

FMLS90 - Day 18 - ‘Out of the Box’ exercise ideas or something I’ve always wanted to try.
One thing I’ve been meaning to try is parkour. There is a facility nearby which is set up for all sorts of fun body movement action including parkour for beginners. I’ve done a bit of stick and bo during my martial arts days but reckon it would be cool to do fencing a la @she-called-me-mr-ewing. It’s not really ‘outside-the-box’ but I’d like to take up paddling or kayaking. My bro is a keen paddler and has a couple of boats available for me but it’s just a matter of doing it. I’ve had a couple of goes and really enjoyed it (aside from hurting my wrist big-time: in a skinny little ski, toppled, put out my hand, hit a submerged rock, then paddled 8km on the injury - serious tenosinovitis ensued and had to write a massive pharmacology exam with one of those frozen wine coolers on my wrist!) So many things to try, so hard to fit it in. Oh for the Lotto life!