I got requested by several followers to tell about this particular man the blog has been set up for in the first place. Ukyō Kamimura, the drummer and eternal blood relative of Malice Mizer…


Real name: Ukyō Kamimura (jap. 神村右狂)

Stage names: Kami (stylized as ”kami”, jap. カミ), UKYOU

Nickname: “Monkey Man” given by Közi (jap. モンキーマン)

Date of birth: February 1, 1972 (in the year of the Rat)

Place of birth: Ibaraki, Japan

Date of death: June 21, 1999

Age of death: 27

Cause of death: subarachnoid hemorrhage

Funeral held: June 28

Weight and Height: 57-60 kg, 177 cm (was on a diet quite regularly)

Personality: Shy, emotional and cheerful person, loyal, easily fooled

Bloodtype: A

Smoking: Quite a lot. Red Lark

Tattoos: One to three butterflies

Education: Dropped out of school

Hobbies: Tennis, working out, cleaning, gambling (with no luck), collecting perfumes and shampoos (with Yu~ki), he also collected things with butterflies on it.


Colors: Violet & White

Foods: Curry, hamburgers, “the first girl he slept with”

Season: Spring

Animal: Butterfly

Movie: Doesn’t watch

TV show: Asayan (Asakusabashi Young Youhinte, jap. 浅草橋ヤング洋品店)

Music: British (Culture Club, Duran Duran, Sex Pistols)

First bought record: Arabesque’s Friday Night

Clothes: Casual black clothes offstage. He once said he was a good shopper cause he bought expensive looking clothes for cheap.

Cosmetics: Shiseido Ma Chérie Shampoo

Type of women: Women with long hair and cheerful personality….and boobs

Feature of himself: The hair. it’s all natural


Foods: Potatoes, cheese, vegetables

Cosmetics: He didn’t like make-up

Fears: He had stage fright

Type of women: A woman who “has a correct answer for everything”