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George Harrison’s note included in the book Jumpin’ Jim’s ‘60s Uke-In: Ukulele Solo by Jim Beloff. Previously posted here.

“George Harrison’s outspoken love for the ukulele went a long way towards buffing the image of the uke as well. One of our most memorable days occurred in early 1999 when George Harrison spent an afternoon at our home in Los Angeles. We talked about and played ukuleles for three hours. Just before he left he wrote a wonderful appreciation of why he liked the ukulele, which we included in our Jumpin’ Jim’s ‘60s Uke-In songbook.” - Jim Beloff, Ascap, 18 April 2011

Q: “George Harrison played the ukulele.”

Jim Beloff: “Did you know that George Harrison came to our house? Oh yeah.”

Q: “He was a big ukulele fan.”

JB: “A total ukulele fan. In 1999, George Harrison came to our house and hung out for a few hours; we played ukuleles together. George was there because he was good friends with the luthier to the stars, Danny Ferrington. Danny brought George to our house because George wanted to see our ukulele collection. It was the two of them, my wife Liz, and myself. So just four of us.

The highpoint was when I was working on this book that was going to be the first ukulele songbook that really had a lot of Beatle songs in it. The ukulele essentially died in the ‘50s before the Beatles even got here. So I said, ‘We’re doing this book. It is going to have a lot of Beatle songs. I’m putting two of your songs in, they sound so good on the uke.’ And we started to play ‘All My Loving’ with George Harrison. It was amazing. We were in shock.

Not only that, but George wrote the forward to one of our most popular songbooks, ‘Jumpin’ Jim’s '60s Uke-In.’ As he was leaving, I said, ‘I need you to do something for me. I need you to write why you, George Harrison, like the ukulele.’ I gave him a piece of company stationary, and he wrote the most charming paragraph. Then he did a little drawing and signed it at the bottom, ‘George Keoki Harrison.’ Keoki is the Hawaiian name for George. He loved all things Hawaiian. He lived in Hawaii.“

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I don't really have a crush as such but I'm dating a wonderful demiflux person who unfortunately lives on the other side of the world. They're a witch, play the ukulele and collect rocks (but cool rocks not beach pebbles like me); they love mermaids and succulent plants and the colour green. The first time I talked to them by themself they were trying to help me get a binder, I'd only known them a week or two and it meant so much to me that this virtual stranger would be so kind.

Ahh that’s so cute :D They kind of sound like me too (witch, collect rocks, loves succulents and green)