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Hey! I have a theory and I would like to know what you think about it! Remember Uktra Despair Hagakure and how we met KANON NAKAJIMA who despised Future Foundation for "killing" her (really sick I must say) crush? But at the end she grows close to Hagakure and doesn't want to kill him anymore? But she does want to kill the rest of future Foundation? Aaaaaand, who is the only one conveniently left out of this killing game? So I thought that was kind of suspicious.

Ah, finally someone who remembers that Ultra Despair Hagakure light novel happened!

I’m actually curious too as to why UDH was written in the first place. Aside from Hagakure screentime, is there more to it? They could have just published it separately but they included it in the game. Does this mean anything? Is it any relevant to the anime? We don’t know. 

But yes, Kanon Nakajima has a striking character. She’s unforgettable for her palpable HATE for Future Foundation. This is very interesting since the game’s members are all from there. 

There may be a connection. Maybe not. But if yes, holy shit good job, anon!