[Eden Prime] SAMC General To Visit Eden Prime

By Hayden Carman, Constant City Times

CONSTANT - The Systems Alliance Marine Corps has confirmed that Lieutenant General Alyona Tereshchenko will be touring the military bases on Eden Prime in what they say is a ceremonial and personal visit. During her visit, she will hold meetings with local residents to hear any concerns and issues that Primeans have, in the lead up to her expected promotion to commander of Exodus Regional Command, which includes all Marine and Navy assets in the cluster.

General Tereshchenko commissioned in 2152, originally as part of the Ukrainian Ground Forces before transferring to the Marine Corps, and is a veteran of the First Contact War, Traverse Campaign and Reaper War. Deeply respected by both the rank and file and the admiralty, Tereshchenko has seen her career revitalised under the military government after facing criticism by members of Parliament prior to the Reaper War. She invited controversy in 2185 when, as the Major General commanding the Fourth Airmobile Division, she told her Marines, “You’re either the killer or the target. I expect you to be the former, and prove it by killing a lot of slavers. You boys and girls are going to enjoy yourselves, it’s a lot of fun shooting them or blowing them up.”

Most recently, Tereshchenko and her current command, VI Marine Expeditionary Force, a formation of 57 000 Marines and Naval personnel, were assigned to counterinsurgency and peacekeeping operations on Shanxi after a spate of firefights and suicide bombings.

The general is largely regarded as having quickly controlled the burgeoning insurgency on the planet. She created a chain of command incorporating the military, colonial militia, police and remaining civilian authorities, vastly increased ‘boots on the ground’ patrols and raids rather than relying on air support and artillery, arrested key members of terrorist and separatist groups and expanded reconstruction and aid efforts on the planet. When asked about her reluctance to use artillery during battles with guerillas, Tereshchenko replied with another controversial quote, “Bombing Petal City would be f*****g stupid. I might as well put on facepaint if I did that.”

In a letter to the Marines of the VI Marine Expeditionary Force, Tereshchenko stated: “We aren’t here to fight the people of Shanxi. We’re here to give their planet back to them. These are citizens of the Systems Alliance just as you are, citizens you are sworn to protect, citizens who’ve been through great suffering in recent years. Be cautious, but compassionate. Be alert, but not harsh.’

Despite her penchant for controversy, Tereshchenko is considered an ‘intelligent problem solver’ by the Alliance government, according to sources. “She’s often predicted problems for SATAE before they started,” Admitted one.

Citizens on Eden Prime are invited to sign up for the community meetings [here]. A similar tour of Terra Nova is expected before General Tereshchenko takes command in the Exodus Cluster.