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Root x Shaw - BEST COUPLE 2016

There is only one fandom that can stop the Clexa Fan epidemic: SHOOT.

5 hours before the poll ended, they realized they have no chance. Clexa fans have been winning poll after poll this year. AND we put a stop to that. Everybody can be damn proud.

I wanna take this chance to thank each and everyone of you guys here on tumblr who have voted when we reminded you. 

Secondly, I wanna thank everyone who did the background work. Our Chinese fans, our Russian and Ukrainian fans and especially to my fellow Shoot Tumblr blogs. We created group chats, connected to Shoot fans from other regions and group chats and brought clexa down.


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Fellow Shooters

We did it!

To be completely honest with you, I did not think it was possible to beat SwanQueen. I know how powerful they are and how determined they can be when they put their minds to something.

And while I do think that both fandoms deserved the championship equally, only one of the two could have access to it.

Let’s be honest, this was one hell of a fight.

Shoot and the POI fandom as a whole prevailed in the end, but I’m sure you all agree with me that Swens were the hardest opponents we could have had.

I want to thank all of you who participated in the voting. You have been relentless and amazing. Your dedication is incredible. POI is lucky to have fans like you.

I want to thank the official POI Facebook and Twitter page for giving us a hand. I want to thank all the writers and producers who have retweeted the link to the poll several times.

Most of all I want to thank Amy Acker, because this woman is a gem. She’s definitely the captain of our ship.

Very special thanks to the Chinese fans, and to the Russian-Ukrainian fans who have allowed us to take and keep the lead several times over the past two weeks, in this round and the previous ones.

We’re now up against The 100, who also have great support and, like us, are participating in the poll for the first time.

I never expected Person Of Interest to make it that far. To me, this is already the ultimate victory. We’ll try to take the crown, but if we don’t, I’m fine with it and so should you.

I love you all!