ukraine elections

So Ukraine elected a billionaire chocolate maker as their new President, yes? Big mistake, you guys. Send ten crates of these delicious ice cream treats to the Kremlin by Friday or it is fucking invasion time.

Hi. I’m from Ukraine and I want to tell you something. this shit with election happened to us once. We had a strong and clever woman by the name Yulia Timoshenko running against Victor Yanukovich, the worst person ever. The Jerk actually won and EVERYONE regretted it. And he got Yulia Timoshenko in jail on false charges. Than we had the worse presidency which led to Maidan revolution. The only reason we got rid of Yanukovich it because we united and made him run to Russia with tail between his legs. Timoshenko was released from prison. Yanukovich is wanted for high treason.

“Trump can’t do all of this awful stuff, he will be checked” 

Yeah, sure. i hope it won’t take hundreds of people dead before you see, that limitations only work when people want them to.

Yanukovich’s actions’ aftermath is Russians invading Ukraine. 

I escaped from that shit, I came to America and hoped to be safe.

I guess people are not so different in different countries as everyone thinks.
Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time
Frank Mermoud, a key figure at the recent Republican national convention, has strong business ties with Ukraine – the latest in a series of Trump staffers with worrying links to Russia and its interests, including the candidate himself
By Rupert Neate

This makes Dick Cheney’s network look like a bunch of Girl Scouts.

So Drumpf is now also attacking the European Union in addition to NATO, in a shift away from the policy of both prior Republican & Democratic presidents.

And I thought the Republican party was the one all about ‘renewing ties with traditional American allies’…

UKRAINE, Kiev : A man wearing the outfit of iconic movie villain Darth Vader ®, who announced he was running for president as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP), meets with Ukrainian soldiers within a protest action in front of the Central Election Commission building in Kiev on April 3, 2014. The Sith Lord, or at least an unnamed protester dressed up as him who has often been seen on Kiev’s Independence Square during the winter protests flanked by his loyal Stormtroopers, has been chosen as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) which has become known for its theatrical public stunts. Ukraine is holding a snap presidential election on May 25, 2014 after parliament ousted pro-Moscow leader Viktor Yanukovych following months of protests. AFP PHOTO/ SERGEI SUPINSKY

UKRAINE, Kiev : A girl walks past booths at a polling station in Kiev on October 25, 2014, on the eve of the country’s parliamentary elections. Ukrainian leaders made final appeals to voters ahead of snap parliamentary elections on October 26 that are intended to give impetus to democratic reforms, but are overshadowed by deepening conflict with Russia and pro-Russian rebels. AFP PHOTO/ VASILY MAXIMOV


“This is how you conduct ‘free and fair’ elections in US protectorates.

"Former Ukranian Presidential Candidate Oleg Tsarov (*former* because he withdrew after being beaten half to death by a fascist mob after a televised debate as police watched and did nothing) now has his house torched by fascists in Dnepropetrovsk. Two buses of armed men showed up, threw Molotov cocktails and filmed the house burning. 

"The elections are a farce–this needs to be repeated clearly and loudly–whose only point is to rubber stamp the coup which placed the junta in power.”

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