UKRAINE. Luhanskaya. 2016. Black Days Of Ukraine. Civilians escape from a fire at a house destroyed by an air attack. 

Ordinary people became victims of the conflict between self-proclaimed republics and the official Ukrainian authorities from 2014 onward in the region of Donbass. Disaster came into their lives unexpectedly. These people were involved in the military confrontation against their will. They experienced the most terrible things: the death of their friends and relatives, destroyed homes and the ruined lives of thousands of people.

Long-Term Projects, First Prize at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Valery Melnikov/Rossia Segodnya


Photos of the day - February 20, 2017

An injured woman holds an injured child at a hospital, after alleged airstrikes by forces loyal to the Syrian government hit areas inhabited by civilians in Barzeh, near Damascus, Syria; Demonstrators hold a placard during a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump in London; Children react during a house-to-house vaccination campaign in Sanaa, Yemen; A man holds a candle as he commemorate the third anniversary of the Ukrainian pro-European Union (EU) mass protests in 2014, in central Kiev, Ukraine; and, A chimp takes advantage of the exceptionally mild day to relax and sunbathe in its enclosure at ZSL Whipsnade zoo in Dunstable, England.

These are just a few of the photos of the day for February 20, 2017.

(Photos: Sarieh Abu Zaid/EPA, Toby Melville/Reuters, Khaled Abdullah/Reuters, Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters, Tony Margiocchi / Barcroft Images via Getty Images)

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Pripyat hospital infant station … 03-2015

Barracks of the 36th Imperial-Royal Landwehr Infantry Regiment Kaserne des K. K. Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 36

Jurij Skrumeljak St., Kolomija (Kolomea), Ukraine, February 2017 | Nokia Asha 200.