Here I am at the MAKS-2015 international aerospace show holding a giant fucking motorized flying axe. This could not possibly be any more Russian unless it were powered by vodka. Can anyone confirm that this is powered by vodka? Fuck it, I am taking this back to the Kremlin either way.

Ukraine: Borotba demands the relase of the editor of ‘Working Class"

The trial of A. Bondarchuk, journalist, opposition politician and editor of the communist newspaper “Working Class,” continues.

On August 28, 2015, at 12:00 in Darnytsia district court in Kiev (address: Sevastopolska str., 7/13), a court session will be held in the case of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Working Class”, former Member of Parliament representing the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU), A. Bondarchuk.

Kiev’s Security Service (SBU) accuses Alexander Bondarchuk of “separatism.”

Via Victor Shapinov