Bendy Kate, guest performance at UKPPC 2014. Beautiful performance, love the trick at 1:38



Kristina Walker UKPPC 2013

All you lucky people going to UKPPC today

I hate you

Jk but seriously have fun, annoyingly I didn’t realise there were spare tickets until after I’d arranged to pick up my car from my dad’s at 1; no chance I could get to Telford before 2:30 from there :(

So if you could give Annalisa Muresu an extra cheer from me that would be appreciated

A Successful Year Already!

So we’re 3 days into the new year and I’ve been back at pole training for 2 days. Over those past two days I have done:

  • Phoenix
  • Fonji
  • Gemini on my wrong side

The first two of which were on my pole goals last year and the top of my list this year! AAAAH! 2 pole goals in the first 3 days of the year! Not bad going, if I say so myself! Admittedly I did 2 Fonjis then quit while I was ahead lol, and my Phoenix is split grip as opposed to normal (apparently that makes it harder but I fail to see how; guess I’m special). But I’m still REALLY PLEASED - I’ve literally been working on my Phoenix for over a year now and while it’s not quite what I wanted I’ll bloody take it. And I wanted to put Fonji in my MPC routine last year but I couldn’t quite get it, so to have done it twice in one lesson is huge for me. Yay!

And I need to do Gemini on my wrong side because I have a couple of combos I’ve seen recently that require me to do such a thing (that or I learn Butterfly and Janeiro on my wrong side, neither of which I fancy). It’s not great… it hurts a lot and I don’t feel comfortable in it but I’ll get over that. If I do it at least once every time I’m in the studio I should have it down pretty soon.

I’m super tired now, as one might expect, and my shoulders ache and I have a boob bruise from Fonji. Definitely taking a rest day tomorrow so I can be refreshed and ready for more pole on Sunday, followed by hoop and stretch. What will I conquer this time? I’m hoping that with Lauren’s help I might just be able to get my Eagle; that’d be nice!

I’m definitely feeling like this year is my year. Bring on MPC and UKPPC!


Daniel Rosen entertaining everyone at UKPPC 2012


Today is the finals of the UK Professional Pole Championships, and I’m going along to support my fantastic instructor Hannah. I’m a little nervous for her but I’m also SUPER excited! My old flexibility trainer Lauren Red, who is absolutely fantastic, is performing too, exciting! :D

I’m going to take my video camera so hopefully I’ll bring some videos back. Certainly of Hannah and of Lauren and maybe some others, probably from the Elite category (cus they’re going to be epic).

Okay I’m going to get ready now! Meeting everyone at the pole studio at 11:30 so I need to leave here by 11 so I’m not late! Wish us all luck!