Rose: Yes, I had been in a relationship with Spain’s sister, Estela. His brother was one of my closest friends, though.
I kissed her for the first time in 1373, after that a treaty had been signed by the english King Edward III and King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanor by Portugal.
I’ve always been overprotective with her, infact in the WWII, I pratically forced her to became neutral and once I saved her from Spain and France.

It was probably the longest relationship I ever had in my entire life. I remember that we fought a lot of times, but those were just misunderstandings, we never fought seriously while we were a couple. We really enjoyed torturing Spain together /and having sex/.

She is a really strong, badass and caring person, and even If we broke up, we’re still good friends and I respect her a lot.

// Portugal cosplay: –YamiMana /