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In 2013, Ghanaian fashion designer Jesse Frimpong launched the streetwear brand STREETCHIEF to bridge a specific disconnect he noticed within himself and among his peers.

“The brand is a reflection of many African youth in the diaspora who are [torn] between traditional principles of the African culture and the hip hop influenced urban culture of Western world,” the Canadian-based designer told Okayafrica via email.

The most recent STREETCHIEF collection pays homage to Nima, an Accra slum where Frimpong spent most of his childhood years. In the Nima Girls lookbook, photographed by William Ukoh, each colorful item is brought to life thanks to model Jessica Bentu‘s effervescence and Philippa Frimpong‘s fresh hairstyling talents. The traditional threaded hairstyle worn by Bentu—and famously photographed by J.D. Okhai Ojeikere—perfectly reflects the duality that Frimpong is aiming for with his brand.

“As the mission also implies, STREETCHIEF is definitely dedicated to a certain demographic usually ignored in fashion, music and art, even though they offer artists so much inspiration,” said Frimpong.

To shop the ‘Nima Girls’ collection and to learn more about the brand, visit STREETCHIEF’s website and Instagram page.

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The weekend. How one blossoms as a child in this time. Perched on cold tiles in front of a television in lagos, the luminescent image of Biker Mice From Mars,  Street sharks, wildcats, cow and chicken, Billy and a can’t help but love Mandy, flash in front of her. The images water, and the budding seeds of yearning and escape grow. Time begins again in the weekend. Free from school or lessons, or homework that could send you toiling into the night. The weekend is now shaped by cousins, the smell of food wafting through the house on a saturday afternoon, early mornings spent in church and with family on sundays. It is the weekend where the child is at rest.


Ph. by William Ukoh [willyverse]

words by Sheba Anyanwu