I just want a girl that I can treat like an absolute princess. A girl that I can take on adventures, visit every aquarium in the country, wander around all the twists and turns of the pathways in a zoo. A girl I can just chill at home with, wrapped in a duvet, with her wrapped in my arms, with a film on the television, or some documentary that we’ve found on Netflix after spending what felt like hours looking for something, or a television series that we’ve began watching together. A girl that I look after when she’s poorly, make her cups of tea, bowls of soup, run her bath, and hold her in my arms with occasional forehead kisses and gently playing with and stroking her hair as she sleeps peacefully. A girl that I can just make the most incredible memories with. A girl who loves me, just as much as I do her.

Perhaps I’ve already met her, or perhaps I have yet to meet her.. but I can’t wait to spend years of my life doing this for and with someone.