ukiyoe style

Finished up the color work on my Pokemon Shinto Shrine fan art! It was a pretty complicated and detailed piece to color and the lighting plan took some thought and refining to establish, but I think I hit the tranquil yet mysterious mood I was going for. I took inspiration from the shin-hanga movement which succeeded ukiyo-e in the style and colors. I’d like to do more scenes like this in the future!


@reyloweek Thursday Oct. 20 = AU Day

Obviously, this is a 19th century Japan AU. Last time I drew passionate Rey, now it’s Kylo’s turn to be emotional.

I wished to draw ukiyo-e style Rey and Kylo the moment I saw the movie, and was a little bit disappointed to find out this obvious idea had already been executed. Well, hope you like my version too. 

A gift for @ewanotsoyoungadult - I wouldn’t have found out about Reylo week without you!

I also tag this picture as inktober, though I draw by hand all the time, never managed to master drawing with a tablet.

I would just like to say…

Doesn’t Nami look really nice with the right body proportions? I honestly did not notice that Oda didn’t draw her with the usual huge bustline until someone (I think it was Greg?) brought it up in this week’s OPP. He really did stay true to the Edo-period ukiyo-e style he was using here.

(I was going to crop Nami out for this but then I decided to edit it a bit further to put Sanji right next to her. Could not resist it. XD )

Tale of Zelda - Power

Finished up Ganondorf in the ukiyo-e style! Since he’s often depicted as heavily armored or hulking in general, I wanted to put him in full samurai armor, and give him the jinbaori (overcoat) to emphasize his stature. However, I didn’t want to mask his face with a helmet, so I came up with the idea of fashioning his face design to resemble the menpo masks seen on kabuto (samurai helmets). I took a lot of inspiration from his look in Hyrule Warriors;  I liked the long hair, so I decided to mimic kabuki wigs. The horse’s armor takes inspiration from both real samurai horse armor and the steed’s design aesthetic in Ocarina of Time. I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you like it! Prints available later this month.

Inspired by characters ©Nintendo