ukiss: jaeseop


Wait, AJ is in a MV !!!!!!!! 

Let’s give NH Media a round of applause!

NH Media is the company of U-KISS and Laboum, and I think we should give them some credits for supporting their idols so well!

After NH Media terminated the contracts of 2 U-KISS members and basically kicked them out in 2011, they really changed and really seem to care for their idols, not only as their moneymakers, but as humans.

• AJ, Kim Jaeseop, got the chance to study at Colombia University in 2012, and they gave him the opportunity to combine his carreer with his studies. In that way he did some comebacks, but didn’t participate in all of them. However, this year it was announced he is quitting U-KISS till his studies are over, because it’s too hard to combine.

• Dongho, their maknae, was not enjoying being an idol anymore, so the company allowed him to quit U-KISS while their was still time left in his contract, but they didn’t want to force him to do something he didn’t enjoy.

• Eli recently revealed through instagram, that he has been married for a while and his wife is expecting a baby. Although the statement says NH Media got a late notice on this matter, and it came as a huge suprise for them, they say to fully support him. They were thinking of a way to release the news, and then Eli suddenly decided to put it on instagram without telling them, according to their statement. However, the statement tells that they are very happy for him and found him very courageous to do this. They also asked fans not to go on a witchhunt and not to leave any hate.

There are not many companies so supportive of their idols, and although NH Media might not be the most popular company, I’m happy this is the home to my favorite group! ♡

Also, Eli, you’ve been my bias ever since I got into K-Pop, and I was so suprised to hear it, but well, I always said I wanted you to marry, get children, and be happy, and guess what! Congratulations dear! ♡