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Most Embarrassing Thing to Happen to Me
  • <p> <b></b> (@parent meeting with all my teachers, councilor, and vice principal)<p/><b>Mom:</b> oh! She loves to write. I mean she's always writing her fanfiction stuff at home.<p/><b>Me:</b> (cries while cringing)<p/></p>
The process of kpop

*watches MV*
“Yo there’s so many members”
“They all look the same”
“Wait…how many members are they”
*sighs* -counts members
“StApH movInG”
“Okay damn the guy with [coloured] hair looks good”
“Wtf is he wearing”
“Wow they’re good dancers”
* finds myself bopping head to breakdown *
*Googles background history and members names*


“Fuck I just got myself into kpop”


ASC with Mamamoo