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It break my heart to say that I think we’re finally closing the curtains for the 2nd Generation of Kpop

And although I said this with a really heavy heart, I’m really happy that all of this groups dedicate almost ten year and some even more of their life for their fans, for us.

Its comes no surprise for me that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun want to leave because SM, the name it self give us a reason when we look back at its record and while my heart is broken that it may means SNSD is at the end of it’s journey and that the journey of the 2nd generation of Kpop is coming to an end but…

But we’ve got the honor to watch the 2nd generation from being a rookies with wide-starry eyes into someone that the newer generation look up and idolize, turn into the national treasures, world breaking record, legend that they are and for that, I’m so proud for each and every one of them. 

Just… I really want to give all of this groups so much for their hard works and what they’ve done for Kpop and their fans. All of you guys are going down in history of Kpop as legends, thank you.

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boy group concepts : a summary

*feel free to add on*

1. sweet like Seventeen
2. aesthetic like EXO
3. teen like NCT
4. sexy like Monsta X
5. always changing like VIXX
6. powerful like Super Junior
7. unique like SHINee
8. mature like 100%
9. lovely like Romeo
10. friendly like SNUPER
11. emotional like BTS
12. radical like 24K
13. sensational like SF9
14. good vibes like Day6
15. rough like iKON
16. sensible like Winner
17. energetic like GOT7
18. passionate like B1A4
19. brave like Cross Gene
20. distinctive like Bigbang
21. appealing like Pentagon
22. magical like BTOB
23. tough like BAP
24. soulful like Highlight
25. adult like Block B
26. expressive like Nu'est
27. sincere like FTISLAND
28. pop-rock like CNBLUE
29. intense like TVXQ
30. in sync like Infinite
31. cute like ASTRO
32. charismatic like KNK
33. hyper like Teen Top
34. one of a kind like Vromance
35. soft like Voisper
36. charming like U-KISS
37. radiant like Varsity
38. manly like MBLAQ
39. bold like A.C.E
40. flexible like Imfact
41. experienced like Sechskies
42. unchanging like Shinhwa

Morning Excitement (M)

He wakes you up in a rather, exciting way…

My first optional bias scenario. It’s not that different from my usual one, just no names and slightly more generic. Feel free to imagine anyone you want with this one! And let me know if you like the option of optional bias scenarios from me.


You were still deep asleep, dreams filling up your mind and make you unaware of what was going on in your bedroom. He had been staring at you for a while now; his eyes taking in every inch of your body as he peeked underneath the blankets. The sight of your nightgown that had raked up your hips and revealed your blank panties to him was driving him insane. But you were oblivious to it for as long as he simply admired you. In fact, you were so use to him getting up early in the morning, he knew it would be a surprise to suddenly find him next to you if you woke up now. And oh, he was definitely planning on waking you up right now….

It started with a small hint of it in your dream. Thinking about it later, you would never be able to recall what it was. But as you were deep in your sleep it felt as if something, or rather someone, was calling you in a specific way only he could do to you. And how could you ever mistake this familiar feeling you felt? It was tugging at your consciousness and bringing you back to the world just like he had hoped. It was early in the morning. You could tell so by the fact that your body still felt heavy with sleep. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, it was awake enough to react to these animalistic instincts that had you wiggle spontaneously in your sleep. A familiar warmth, spreading from the pit of your stomach throughout your entire body and making you flutter your eyelashes as you woke up more every second.  

Of course it wasn’t hard to find the source of this; your boyfriend. His voice drifted to you from the second you uttered his name in a small moan. “Wake up baby.” He breathed; voice filled with as much desire as you were starting to feel yourself. Why on earth had he decided it was time to wake you up ? And especially, why like this? The rubbing of his fingers over your core was already starting to drive you insane, you wanted more. He seemed to agree so as he tugged down your panties right after..

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Honestly %70 of bts fans are fucking nasty, immature and just horny for every Asian man there is. It pisses me off as someone who has been their fan since before their debut. I hate the armys. I will never call my self an “army”. Even at TRB they were so fucking mean. I was told that I shouldn’t be there because bts only came here to see American fans and not Asian fans…. I’m half Asian and I had never been to Asia so I really consider myself American….. and I got attacked because I was wearing heels. This bitch just came out of no where and said that I need to move because she short. WELL WEAR SOME FUCKING HEELS NEXT TIME BECAUSE I CANT SEE ANYTHING EITHER. I couldn’t move either and she thought it was okay to just grab my arm and push me. Then this other bitch said I was in her way and she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the ground. I purposely arrived to the wings tour late because I wanted to avoid the crowd if fucking immature fans. Then I get told by them that I’m lying when I say that I have been listening to Kpop since 2011. And I also get yelled at when I tell chicks my age to chill with the whole Kpop thing and fetishizing because it’s immature and they say “you probably act like that too”. Okay, I will admit that I did… but I was 12 not 18.

And the thing is the new kpop fans feel the need to listen to every single fucking Kpop group… even when I was first introduced to Kpop (which was by mychonny) I only listened to super junior, shinee, u kiss, Big Bang, block b and mblaq. Then when b.a.p had their debut i became their can and then when bts had their debut I became their fan too. After bts I stopped with the Kpop groups, I tried to like ikon but I no…

Now I only listen to bigbang, b.a.p, and bts. So I’m not a Kpop fan

Mornings (Optional Bias)

Annyeong~ And Merry belated Christmas~^^“ Anyway, I kinda wrote this like a couple of days ago and never bothered to finish it~. Also just saying, I’m kind of hesitant with what I’m about to say lol I’m a little scared if I should start accepting requests or something cuz I really don’t want to like disappoint you guys with my horribleness and I get busy with sports and homework so Idk.. anyway enjoy lol

Mornings were never your favorite, having to get up so damn early and drag yourself to get dressed and get to hell torture work. However, it was mornings like these when you woke up with a stifled yawn and was met with the adorable and vulnerable sleeping face of your boyfriend with his arm protectively hooked around your waist.

It saddened you that these were probably the only highlights of your day since he and his heavy schedules as an idol prevents him from spending any quality time with you. He always came home late when you were already knocked out on the couch awaiting his arrival.

Despite all these downfalls, you still supported him no matter what and always encouraged him to keep moving forward.

A small smile danced across your lips as your eyes trailed along every little detail of his face. He was so perfect and way out of your league, always making you question what you did to deserve this idiot god piece of art.

Turning over with much effort due to his arm, you checked the illuminated clock on your phone’s lock screen and cursed under your breath at the time. You were going to be late at this rate if you keep admiring your boyfriend’s charming features.

Right as you sat up, the arm around your waist tensed and pulled you back down. Your face pressed into the warmth of his broad clothed chest, his scent relaxing your alarmed expression. Looking up meekly, you found a pair of mocha eyes half-lidded with tiredness, barely even showing at least half of his irises.

His eyes trailed down your surprised expression to the his t-shirt that hugged your body in every way perfectly. A tired smile stretched his lips as he let out a soft chuckle and yawn.

“Mm.. baby you look great in my shirt..” his voice husky with sleep and slight mischievous as he swoop down to brush his lips lightly against your forehead. His arms pulled you even closer to him until your bodies pressed tightly together, legs tangled and body heat exchanged.

“Aish, let me go,” you pouted almost reluctantly, “I have work in like half an hour.” You had to admit, practically a whole part of you just wanted to call in sick and lay here forever with him.

Your words falling on to deaf ears, he shook his head and nuzzled his nose against your cheek and mumbled softly.

“Work can wait, just a few more minutes, baby.”

The offer was tempting, way too tempting especially with the way his fingers were mischievously dancing across your shoulder blades, pressing here and there in a way too relaxing massage that made you goo in his arms.

“I’m serious,” you whined, forcing yourself to struggle out of his hold. 

“Just call in sick today,” he offered, his left hand crawling up your shoulder and into your messy bed hair. You shivered slightly as his warm finger tips glided through your hair and brushed it with care. His soft lips weren’t helping either, brushing ever so lightly against your temple before moving slowly down the expanse of your cheek and teasingly pecking the corner of your mouth.

You hated it when he was like this, it was just too hard to resist him. No way were you ever going to get to work today.

“..Fine.. just a few more minutes..”

I hate it when a group performs a comeback and the first thing that some people/fans (if you even call yourselves fans) do is compare their music, their clothing, their sets, their hair, their styles, their everything to other groups.

Like if you’re just going to compare and sht then just stop right there, turn around, and don’t watch any of their comebacks.

These groups didn’t go through harsh training, sleepless preps, and stressful delivering just to be compared to someone.

Appreciate the hardwork they put into writing the lyrics to the songs they released.

Appreciate the hardwork they put into creating a wonderful performance for us to watch.

Appreciate how they still went and kept us entertained with updates and selcas while they busily went through practices and recordings.

Appreciate the sleepless nights they had while preparing for their comeback.

Appreciate the song, the tune, the beat, the lyrics.

Appreciate each and every member. Appreciate the group.

Cause we all know that they worked hard for us. And the least we can do is to wholeheartedly give them our support.
Kpop Classics (2nd-3rd Gen) - YouTube

Hello everyone! I’m in the process of making a playlist with some 2nd/3rd generation Kpop group songs. 

Since quite a few groups have been disbanding I had the need to make one of these. There’s a huge variety of artists in the playlist from BEG, to Miss A, Infinite, Teen Top, etc.

I’m still adding groups to the list of if there’s any song or group I’m missing please let me know!

Enjoy :)

Stay The Night

     The smell of the roast chicken and potatoes tickled your senses. You took a deep breath in and smiled. Getting up from your seat, you wrapped your sweater around yourself to keep warm. You crouched down in front of the oven, staring in through the little window at the food sizzling in the heat.

is it doneeee yet?” you questioned, examining the brown and crispy skin of the chicken shining beneath the oven’s lights.

Yahhhhh, so impatient” he rolled his eyes, laughing, before bumping you aside. His scent tickled your nose as he moved past you and you felt at ease. When he opened the oven, your eyes lit up and your stomach growled as the smell of the food pleasantly overwhelmed your nostrils. 

You skipped away and helped get some plates and utensils, softly placing them on the table.

     Your mouth watered as you took the first bite. You had forgotten to eat all day and the chicken was moist and full of flavor. It was as though the food was dancing with your tastebuds. Good food and good company was just what you needed after the hectic week you’d been having. It was nice to be in the comfort of your friend’s home. You always felt more comfortable over at his than you did at your own place. You took another bite of your food as he took a sip from his drink. You watched him tentatively as he did.

You didn’t realize how closely you had been paying attention to him lately. You’d been friends for awhile but for some reason you always craved to be near him. Maybe it was as a result of your life being messy and him being the only comfort and sanctuary you had. When you were with him you felt at ease, forgetting all your other problems. But something in the back of your mind always stopped you short. He’s your friend. He sees you as a friend. I’m sure there’s other girls. It’s too late to go from friends to something more now. You don’t have a -

was it good?” he asked, waving his hand in front of your face to regain your attention. You shook your head pushing what you were thinking about away from consciousness.

mmm” you replied, smiling with a mouth still filled with food. You finished your plate and helped wash and dry the dishes. After going to the washroom, you walked out to find him searching through a cabinet for a movie. He picked out a few, fanning them for you to pick one. Right away you picked the romantic comedy, causing him to laugh and roll his eyes a little. 

      He popped the movie in as you made the popcorn. Again, you found yourself distracted, watching him as he settled in his spot to watch the movie. The microwave beeped and that was when you realized the smell of popcorn had filled the kitchen. You poured it into a bowl and walked over to the couch he sat on. Suddenly you had a ball in your stomach, unsure of what to do with yourself. You placed the popcorn between the two of you and took your seat. Settling into the movie.

      Time seemed to fly by faster than you wished. You had already watched 2 movies but you didn’t want the night to end. You let out a resignated sigh looking at your watch. It was already past midnight.

I should get going” you stood up to gather your things.

Stay the night” his voice was soft. You stopped in your tracks, unsure if you had heard correctly. You turned around to face him but his eyes were still glued to the TV.

Eh?” you questioned, to confirm your suspicions that you were losing it and imaging the things you wished for were finally happening. Slowly, he turned to you. The look in his eyes made your heart catch a beat. It was different. It was pleading, wanting.

Do you want to stay the night?” he asked this time. You froze up for a second, every part of your body tingling. He patted the cushion next to him and you urged your feet to move towards him. Slowly, you settled back down, this time right next to him. He pulled you into his chest, his scent overwhelming you, and you closed your eyes easing yourself into him.

I thought you’d never ask” you said softly.

Kiss (Optional Bias)

Here’s a little idea if you have no idea what to do for that little someone on Valentine’s day. Me? I’ve got fanfiction xD

“Happy Valentine’s day!” you exclaimed, launching yourself at your totally unsuspecting boyfriend.

He turned and caught you before you could attach to him. Grinning, he threw his arms around your petite body and spun you around.

“Wow, I wish Valentine’s day was everyday if it meant seeing you all cute and dressed up like this,” he mused when he finally set you down and scrutinized your outfit.

In all honesty, what you wore wasn’t really that special.. just that you rarely wore dresses or skirts and opted for pants or shorts instead.

“Too bad,” you stuck out your tongue at him with a teasing smile.

“Wae…” he whined, jutting out his lower lip in a cute childish pout and even shooting you his best puppy eyes.

“Oh stop that, you look ugly for an idol,” you made a frown, eyeing his pouty face with a look that mocked disgust when you honestly thought his whining and cute little childish expression was absolutely adorable and would be the cause of your heart’s failure.

“Fine,” he huffed with an exaggerated sigh, “Anyway~ what’d you get me for Valentine’s day?”

“Wow, eager much?” you teased before waving it off and answering truthfully, “a kiss.”

You watched as his eyes widened and how his Adam’s apple bobbed in result of him gulping nervously. After all, you two never actually shared a kiss.. on the lips that is. Kissing was allowed in the relationship, but never had either one of you made the effort to kiss on the lips. Childish right?

“Close your eyes,” you guided him gently, your hand lightly gliding over his eyes to close them, “Keep them closed too.”

Giggling inwardly, you smiled at your eagerly waiting boyfriend before sneaking your hand into your purse and digging out a chocolate kiss still wrapped in the thin tinfoil.

Chu~” you cooed as you pressed the candy kiss to your boyfriend’s lips.

His brows furrowed at the rough texture of your so-called lips and his eyes opened to see the chocolate kiss instead.

“Yah! Not that kind of kiss..” he complained before smirking subtly and wrapping an arm around your waist. 

“Nope, nope nope!” you squealed, wriggling out of his hold and sprinting off.

“Aish, you get back here!”

Scenario Masterlist

Anything marked with an ‘M’ is a smut; ‘R’ means it was requested; most of these will lead to promise-ill-be seeing as I was an admin for a long time.

U-Kiss: Kevin | Jun | Soohyun | Kiseop | Hoon | Kiseop {r}

Big Bang: G-Dragon | T.O.P | T.O.P {r}


Jay Park: 1 | 2 {m/r} | 3 {m/r} | 4 {m/r}

Super Junior: Heechul | Donghae | Henry | Zhoumi | Donghae {m}

Monsta X: Kihyun | Shownu | Wonho | Minhyuk | I.M | Shownu {m/r}

TVXQ: Yunho | Changmin

Nocturnal Bloodlust: Hiro | Cazqui

Dean: 1 | 2

JYJ: Jaejoong | Junsu

One {m}

GOT7: Mark {r} | Jackson


Hoody {r}

f(x): Amber {r}

Thunder {r}

Christian Yu: 1 {m/r} | 2 {m/r}

EXID: Hani

EXO: Kai | Chanyeol {m} | Suho {m} | Chen | Sehun {m} | Tao {m} | Kris {m}

Flowsik {r}

SHINee: Key {r} | Key

Royz: Subaru {m/r} | Subaru {r}

2PM: Junho | Taecyeon | Chansung | Nichkhun | Wooyoung | Jun.K

BTS: Rap Monster {r}

iKON: Bobby

SNSD: Taeyeon: Chapter 1

B.A.P: Youngjae {r}

Block B: Zico {r} | Zico


Optional bias

K-Pop group names and their ridiculous meanings
  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> B.A.P:</b> Best Absolute Perfect<p><b>BEAST:</b> Boys of EAst Standing Tall<p><b>BTS:</b> Bulletproof Boy Scouts<p><b>CNBLUE:</b> Code Name Burning Lovely Untouchable Emotional<p><b>f(x):</b> flower (X chromosome)<p><b>H.O.T.:</b> High-five Of Teenager<p><b>MBLAQ:</b> Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality<p><b>TEEN TOP:</b> Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent Object Praise<p><b>TRAX:</b> Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas<p><b>UKISS:</b> Ubiquitious Korean International Super Star<p><b>VIXX:</b> Value In eXXcelsis<p><p><p><p><p><p><p>