Under-appreciated Kpop Group Blogs

If you blog about/ frequently post things related to these groups, reblog this note and I will give your blog a look! (maybe I’ll even follow~) :

  • The Ark
  • Mamamoo
  • Boyfriend
  • U-Kiss
  • Minx
  • Anda(miro)
  • Topp Dog
  • Cross Gene
  • EvoL
  • MyName
  • Nu’Est
  • Seventh Grade Class 1
  • UNIQ
  • Spica
  • C-Clown
  • Hot Shot
  • Stellar
  • Speed
  • Teen Top

I hope I don’t offend anyone as rating these groups ‘under-appreciated’. I understand there are probably more groups in a worse position, so if there’s a group I should check out and I didn’t list, please still reblog and I, for sure, will check it out! These groups are the ones I’ve garnered interest in so that’s why I listed these few. I’m really open to new music (indie, underground, EDM) so don’t be afraid to reblog~ Thank you[: