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When a history blog you follow suddenly turns all Nazi on you.

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What's she playing at?

The Tories will win this election with an increased majority, so that in itself makes it worthwhile. After this, she won’t have to go to the polls again until 2022, which will be particularly helpful if the next few years go badly for her.

The only downside from May’s point of view is that Labour might get a more popular leader as a result of all this. But when May wins, she’ll claim she has a stronger mandate to go ahead with her Brexit plans. She can tell anyone who tries to hold her to account that she has a mandate from the public and therefore they can’t argue.

She’ll also claim that an increased majority means she doesn’t have to listen to calls for Scottish independence or demands for proper consideration over the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland. She’ll be able to ignore dissent within her own party if she has a stronger majority AND she’ll be able to ignore anyone within UKIP claiming that her Brexit plans don’t go far enough.

This really is a win-win situation for her.

For the people not aware of the situation in the UK

We just had our general election, and basically it was all good and then it went to hell

When all the results came in, we discovered that the Conservative party (Republicans are the equivalent American party ish) had lost seats and that Labour (Democrats) had gained a fuckton of seats. This meant that the Conservatives were embarrassed as hell because they expected to get the majority and rule over everyone, and labour gave a bit of a shake.

But then we realised

Its a hung parliament

Idk if America has an equivalent for this, but in the UK a party has to get a certain amount of seats to take over the government. If no party gets these seats, we have a hung parliament where there is no party in charge. But there’s a way around this- a coalition. And that’s exactly what the conservatives have done with a Northern Irish party called the DUP.

Tbh I hadn’t heard of the DUP until this election, they’re a tiny party and until they haven’t had an effect on England especially, the part of the UK I live in. But oh boy, we about to hear a lot from them

The DUP are a protestant party who (i am not joking)
-believe in creationism (although this isn’t a huge issue buuuuuuut how do you explain the dinosaurs)
-believe women who have abortions should be locked up, even if the foetus is damaged or a woman raped
-are against LGBT+ (which might be an issue for me especially if I ever come out IRL) (plus I can’t link cause I’m on mobile but they’ve called gay people an “abomination”, “disgusting”, claimed that children brought up in homosexual relationships abuse their children and have vetoed same sex marriage in Northern Ireland many times, there’s a video on YouTube you can find of it)
-climate change deniers

They have some positive policies, such as triple locking pensions and improving security but right now its the heavy negatives that we have to be think in about. We have a coalition between the two most right-wing parties in the UK (apart from UKIP but they lost all their seats haha hah ha ha ha ha).

Idk how this is gonna pan out, it might all be fine, but it also might all go to shit. I’m not scared because I’m proud of Jeremy and the progress he’s made despite all the biased backlash against Labour, but I’m not happy

My lord, this is gonna be an interesting four years

(Also, it is a coincidence that in the video game Infamous Second Son, there’s a police force that oppress and imprison ‘conduits’ that are LITERALLY CALLED THE DUP???????)

UK General Election 2017

Okay listen up all of you in the UK, if you’re still undecided at this point I want to point you to a website where you can really take time to assess each party’s policies, rather than getting into the whole he said she said of the election cycle.

So here you are

Unfortunately it only works for England & Wales, just as a heads up.

Give it a try, it takes about 30 minutes for the full thing. Thank you

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Fascism is dead. It died right after WW2 and died again for good after going horribly South America. So I don't get why you think it's resurging. Alt Right? Lol it's just 70s shock punk that'll die out fast. Bannon? Pff, motherfuckers become a neocon at this point. And they're nothing like fascists. So really what's the deal? Do you just mindlessly throw the word fascist around?

I don’t throw the term “fascism” around loosely; in fact, I’m very careful when using it. That’s why I think that it’s more accurate to say that the far-right- of which fascists represent one branch of- is resurging.

The far-right has been seeing enormous rises in support in Europe. Electorally, the most successful political parties are those which are not fascist but have ties to and/or are far closer to fascism than is typically expected of mainstream electoral parties (AfD, UKIP, FN, PVV, FPO, etc.), but far-right parties which are fascist have gained ground as well (Golden Dawn, BNP, Jobbik, Svoboda, People’s Party - Our Slovakia, etc.) This trend can be seen outside of electoral politics in the rise of far-right groups in Europe, including a number of fascist organizations (Nordic Resistance Movement, CasaPound, National Action). Numerous terrorist attacks have been carried out by the far-right in Europe in recent years- I can provide you with some if you want more evidence.

In the United States, Trump’s victory represented an enormous victory for the far-right, and it can be represented in some of the people let into the administration: Bannon, Gorka, etc. But, again, the rise of the far-right isn’t limited to success in elections. The number of active hate groups (most but not all of which are far-right) rose for over a decade to reach over 1,000 in 2010-2012 (the numbers dropped sharply in 2013-2014, but have already begun to recover). 

Additionally, far-right terrorism has been on the rise. In the 8 years between 2000 and 2008, five were killed in far-right terrorist attacks; in the 8 years after the start of Obama’s presidency, another 46 have been. From New America’s report on terrorism in the United States:

Over the past several decades, the far-right has been growing dramatically in the West; fascists have benefited from this growth.

As we drink a toast to the death of UKIP, let’s celebrate their contribution to British politics. This is a party that came up in a deeply unequal society, where the government was steadily demolishing the NHS, killing thousands of disabled people through unjust welfare reform, dismantling services designed to keep people alive and tearing up our school system. And UKIP somehow came into that mess and managed to make it all about Europe - something that was considered a complete non-issue during the New Labour years.

Just imagine where we might be now if not for UKIP. At the very least, we’d be able to take on the Tories over austerity and give that the priority it deserves, rather than having to worry over every detail that comes out over Brexit.

So long UKIP. They lived by the sword and died by the sword. Let’s hope they fucking choke on it.

Please please please vote tomorrow if you're registered in the UK!

Every vote counts. I won’t say who to vote for and who not to vote for; but remember this election isn’t just about Brexit, this next government isn’t solely going to be focused on Brexit; this election is about everything including the NHS and Education, social welfare, defence, the economy etc. I vehemently disagree with those who say it’s purely an election on Brexit; these other issues matter too, especially since a lot of these areas are underfunded or are in crisis.

This election is important. If you’re undecided, read the policies, even if it’s just the highlights. If you’re planning on not voting tomorrow because “what’s the point”, the point is 35% of people did not vote last time. I did a spreadsheet, and if those who didn’t vote were a party, they would have won a majority of the seats. Every vote counts, make your voice heard.

highlights from tonight’s ge2017 debate
  • UKIP’s “let’s make Britain great again!” and everyone kind of going “nah… nah, we’re good thanks”
  • everyone’s genuine look of distaste every time UKIP… existed…
  • UKIP being dragged by Plaid Cymru - “would you even pay your divorce fees? no. we know what kind of man you are” hOTDAMN PLAID CYMRU
  • Plaid Cymru coming out to drag everyone and have a good time and succeeding tbh “this entire debate is a joke”
  • SNP telling us Scotland is fine and being the embodiment of the “oh how the tables have turned” meme. somehow, whenever they speak, IDGAF plays in the minds of everyone. we bop sadly along. we deserve this. we’re sorry
  • Green preaching love, respect and kindness in leadership
  • the silent, but understood acknowledgement that Green is a genuine Disney princess and does not relevantly exist beyond this new label
  • Lib Dems, before the Tories give their closing arguments: “Bake Off is next on BBC2 right after this. Go make yourself a brew. If Theresa May can’t be bothered to give you her time, don’t give her yours!” 
  • the subsequent “oooohhhHHH SHIIITTTT” elicited nationwide upon hearing that fucking sICK BURN delivered by the Lib Dems
  • Lib Dem leader was born somewhere beginning with W. his mum had ovarian cancer. none of his mates’ parents had jobs
  • knowing the Lib Dems made some valid af points but you can’t remember because you’re thinking about all of his mates’ sad parents. was it all okay in the end??? what a shitty cliffhanger dude wtf
  • Labour’s “if you would please just let me finish?” this isn’t the farmer’s market Jeremy, assert yourself

    and my personal favourite;

  • the Tories claiming Theresa May will be a strong, stable, *other adjectives beginning with ‘s’* leader
    everyone else, in the entire universe, in the history of time, ever: bitch where???

Going to bed soon probably.

Where we are so far:

  • The Conservatives are the largest party but they won’t get a majority. We have a hung parliament.
  • However, it is likely that they will be able to stay in power because the DUP has 10 seats and will support them. It won’t deliver a large majority though. The DUP want a soft border with the Republic of Ireland.
  • This was an election called by Theresa May because she thought she would win seats. She actually ended up losing seats. She has to go.
  • Labour have won more seats than any other party. At this point, it would be fairly absurd for anyone in Labour to be calling for Corbyn to go. Fair play to him, he pulled it together.
  • The SNP have lost seats to the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems in Scotland. They has some serious questions to answer really - has their focus on independence alienated people?
  • The Lib Dems have gained seats, but on the bright side NICK CLEGG LOST HIS SEAT and looked very sad about it. The prick.
  • Also the UKIP vote was wiped out LOL. It seems this was split between Labour and the Tories.
  • Britain is a two-party system and pretending otherwise just helps the Tories to win.
  • In terms of vote share, there’s very litlte difference between the Tories and Labour. Once again, our voting system has helped the Tories into power.

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Let's be real, when you say ukip are the worst party, they are pretty damn bad, but let's not forget the bnp

Why do we have so many The Worst Parties in the UK? Don’t answer that. I know the reason and it depresses me.

For those who aren’t aware, UKIP is the UK Independence Party, while BNP is the British National Party. They are both made up of fascists and nationalists who actively push for everything racist, ableist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and every other ‘ist’ or ‘phobic’ that you could think of. They are terrible.