PSMD Epilogue
  • Hero: Aah, it sure is quiet around here, now that Partner is gone, I gotta get partner back, I GOTTA get PARTNER back. *runs to the Sand Dune*
  • Xatu: Hi, can i get you anythin-
  • Hero: *pulls gun* gimme all the money on the cash register!
  • Xatu: Don’t do this, Hero!
  • Hero: but I GOTTA get PARTNER back!
  • Xatu: You know this is wrong! This won’t bring partner back…
  • Hero: D:
  • *Back in the Expedition Society*
  • Hero: MR. AMPHAROS!
  • Ampharos: Ahoy me bucko!
  • Hero: we GOTTA get PARTNER back.
  • Ampharos: Arrrghgh, we gotta get partner back.
  • Hero: we GOTTA go.
  • Ampharos: but HOW?
  • Hero: we NEED some WHEELS. *pull out phone* Nuzleaf, NUZLEAF!
  • Nuzleaf: *answers* Howdy Hero! wanna talk about Texas?
  • Hero: we GOTTA get PARTNER BA-
  • Nuzleaf: We gotta get partner back faster than a dill rabbit on a horn pickle! *Mounts on the Beheeyems with a lasso in hand and a cowboy hat* YEEEE-HAAA! *Takes hero with him and goes to Serene Village, where they find Mew*
  • Hero: MEW!
  • Mew: I know. We gotta get partner back. Here’s the key. *Gives the key to enter to the Purifying Cave, just to enter in there with hero to never come back*

Dear god this is disturbing. 


Franklin’s Dog of Wisdom

I came up with this while watching a GTA V let’s play. It just makes sense.