Hey you guys know we’re making an awesome cartoon based on our awesome card game Story War right? And that it’s almost done? And that making cartoons is very hard but hopefully it’ll be totally finished a week from today!

We’ll be posting about the cartoon on the Cantrip Games blog all week, focusing on a different aspect of the cartoon each day. Here is some background art created by Josiah Files! (Note, some of the animation above isn’t totally finished yet!) Most of the stuff in this photo set is based on the Sleepy Village card, but there’s some Lost Woods stuff in there too! Look at those cute little houses and incidental trees!

Oh man everyone working on this cartoon is super cool and in fact I’m just going to name drop everyone right now:

Created by: Brad O'Farrell
Written by: KC Green
Additional Writing: Lindsay Small-Butera and Brad O'Farrell
Producer: Brad O'Farrell
Directed by: Lindsay Small-Butera

Storyboard by: Alex Small-Butera
Original Character Designs: Vondell Swain
3D Animation: Vondell Swain
Background Artist: Josiah Files
Color: Emily Hoogendoorn and Lindsay Small-Butera

Goblin and Skywhale: Alex Small-Butera
Fairy: Lindsay Small-Butera
Leprechaun: Tom McLean
Medusa: Lynn Wang
Gremlin: Ed Skudder
Red Dragon: Greg Goodson
Yeti and Cyclops: Jonathan Gran

Animation: Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera

Voice Director: Lindsay Small-Butera
SFX Designer: Alex Small-Butera
Score: Maxton Stenstrom and Tom Milsom

Whoa! Dang! Look at all those cute humans! Holy cow! YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GET HYPED!!!!!!

Maybe even so hyped that you go buy Story War on Amazon!?





Come and Check it out! It’s got a few previews for upcoming cartoons, like Skeff, a Pokemon parody, a Shrek music video, and more!


Wanna smoke some weeeeeeeeeed?


Dorms Episode 9: Partay

Co-animated by spastikchuwawa
Vince -  blakinola
Jesse - playerPOV
Tory - Natsumiii
Frat Boy + Steven - ukinojoe
Music - “Elios” by noDj

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Our heroes are having a usual day enjoying themselves, until another malicious hacker attacks the surrounding area…and it’s up to them to stop the fiend! Can good predictably triumph over EVIL? OR IS IT MERELY THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THAT WIN IN THE END!? …you’ll learn a valuable lesson today.