again with the hijab issue

It’s fascinating how a small word could catch millions of eyes, or millions of minds to think of what it really means. In Islam, hijab doesn’t bear only words of meanings but thoughts and rules and regulations, it is but a code of modesty both for the believing men and women, yes you read it right, Islam also have hijab for men.

The thing is it is always the issue with the women that arises, because the media has focused on it like its some kind of a big fish in the sea. 

I will not comment about those videos we see on the internet or comments we see roaming around the cyberworld carrying both good and bad words pertaining to women in Islam. I would just like to send a word to my fellow Muslim women and also to those who wants to understand our struggles, because we always have something to say on some issues without knowing what these people are going through.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

Dear sister, I am one of those millions of your sisters in the deen that are hurt.

I am hurt for YOU, I am hurt for those who are struggling to wear their hijab properly, I am hurt for those people who are bad-mouthed with comments because of a little misunderstanding of how they should wear hijab. I am hurt at the state of our sisterhood in Islam.

I am hurt and my heart is crying, indeed it is crying.

My dear sister there is nothing wrong of you making yourself beautiful because i understand that you want to show that Muslim women can wear good clothes too ma sha Allaah, but is there something wrong if you wear the “boring” plain black abaya or single colored abayas? Is there something wrong if we wear something very simple, not too loud, clothes that are not catching much attention? Or is there something wrong if you wear the hijab in complete simplicity, nothing much going around the sides of it? is there something wrong if the khimar covers almost the entire body, do these ways of wearing the hijab make you less of a beautiful creature?

Wallah No.

Habibti, in the eyes of those who fear Allaah Azza Wa Jall and in the eyes of Allaah Azza Wa Jall, indeed you are beautiful. 

When you wear the proper hijab, you are indeed making a statement, that you are a Muslim woman, from that very step you have stand out already, you have delivered the message to the people that you embody the rules and regulations of Islam, that you by that very time you stepped out of your house wearing that proper hijab, you tell the people, i am worshipping my God and i do not care if i please your eyes or not, what i care for is if i please my God and protect myself. 

My lovely sister, always, always before you wear your clothes, remember why you wear the hijab? Ask yourself, why am i covering myself? Why do i need to wear these loose clothings? Why?


And queens do not show skin, they cover themselves. Well preserved and with proper etiquette. 

Hijab has and always been synonymous to the word modesty- it has no brand nor is it a fashion/clothing line but it is an act of faith, a worship to Allaah Azza Wa Jall and a respect for yourself and for our husband or even future husband. 

I know sister, most of muslims women who go out with hijab are seen as terrorists or extremists by people, so sister if you think that wearing the proper hijab would harm you when you go out, then remember when you are woman you are advised to only go out when you have a mahram with you, realize that Islam has given solutions to these issues before they were even to arise.

Remember that the more you understand about Islam, the more you would cover yourself. Learn more about Islam, study more, read about the great women around the Messenger of Allaah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

• And for those other sisters who speak ill of my sisters in Islam,

Oh dear sister, can you for a second remember in which state you were when you were not yet wearing hijab or when you were just wearing it because your family says so?

Did you not go into stages? 

Did you not pass these stages where you were wearing on shirt then hijab to long sleeves with jeans then hijab …. indeed there are levels, do you know what level you are now? Are you on such high level that you find it in your heart to criticize people who are in the very stages where you were few days, months or years ago?

Does your better understanding of modesty make you feel you are better than them when you know in your heart you are not free from any sins, that like them until now you are struggling?

Wouldn’t it be better if our understanding was to be made as an instrument  for us to “encourage” than to “discourage” our sisters in islam? 

When we are Muslims, we are Islam, we represent our religion so let us be most moderate, most sensitive and most careful whenever we speak about our deen.

We can motivate, uplift and make others understand better our deen if our tongues are are also embodied with hijab.

No one had successfully invited a person to islam with a sharp tongue. Remember Islam is not to show that we are better, rather it is a way of showing something that might be better for them. 

Realize my sisters, that this is a fitnah for us, it is the time where we should use more of our hearts than our tongues, if you see someone like that, then advice in private if you know her, send her a message, let her know, and if you are the one being advise, then before you take it as something bad remember why you were advised, what were you doing that it caught someone’s concerned heart to advice you? 

Remember a nasihah is given out of purity both from actions and niyyah, and it is most better when said in private.

• And to all my sisters in Islam, i know all of us are struggling in her own ways so let me remind you,

“O Muslimah, you staying firm to your faith, protecting and guarding your modesty (both by dressing and by your tongue) is what makes you beautiful, what makes you stand out and unique.

You being able to shun off the "trends” and  what is in" and keeping the sunnah and all, girl you going High with your ajr, so keep it up, please Thy Creator. I along with the millions of your sisters in the deen,We got your back girl. We got your back.“


Sometimes what a sister in the deen really needs is just to be assured that through her struggle someone understands her, that she is not alone in this journey, that when she looks back she doesn’t see her shadow rather she sees millions of people who are supporting her, and that is our duty my dear sisters, so be one of those. 

Who else would guard our backs but our own kind? Let us rebuild the sisterhood, let us rebuild it. 

So sister, I am telling you, i am struggling just like you, but this doesn’t shun me from telling you that I love you for the sake of Allaah and I am with you, and as long as i am breathing through the Mercy of Allaah, I am with you, I may not be physically there but know that in my du'as you are there.

Please habibti you do not need to follow the trends, you just need to follow your heart, where Allaah lies. 

Moderate the watching of these hijab tutorials, keep the modesty, read a book, learn about the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassalaam, the life of the sahabah radiyallahu anhum, learn about the manners of an ilm seeker, there are so much other things to do than getting hooked up into these tutorials. I’m not saying stop it but recommending you to moderate it, in sha Allaah.

If there is anyone or someone that got offended from the words i wrote above, then i am sincerely asking for your forgiveness, i pray Allaah sends us His Mercy and Guidance. Amin


Organization Name

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Alhamdulillaah for such beautiful Mercy from Allaah Azza Wa Jall. Alhamdulillaah for everything.

Today, I have met some beautifully amazing and wonderful sisters in deen and we have agreed to make an organization feesabilillaah.

The organization’s advocacy lies in fulfilling the duties of a sister to another sister in deen, helping, motivating and inspiring each other to become closer to Allaah Azza Wa Jall.

We need some suggestions for the org name in sha Allaah, do you guys have any suggestions?