tbh i just wanna be known as that girl that loves Hoseok more than anyone or anything and would literally give her life for him and only wants him to be happy and healthy and proud of himself and everything he’s accomplished and has eyes and love for no one else but him that’s all

i redrew this little scene from the mob psycho 100 manga in my sketchbook (and edited) because mob is too pure and reigen pls………………………………. 

Anon: match up

ANON: Can I get a mash-up~ hehe I love you blog. I’m 5'1i have dark brown hair and eye’s. I am very depressed but I put on a fake smile so people don’t have sympathy from my past. I HAVE LIKE A MILLION STUFF ANIMALS. I’m Mexican so I love spicy stuff but I’m also a huge fan of sweets. I love Melanie Martinez and king lil G. I LOVE running. I’m super advanced in school. I love singing and drawing it’s my life.



How you met: you were working on a project with him in your house. He eventually got bored and decided to roam about your home while you were researching. He reached your room and was awestruck when he saw all the cute stuffed animals. 

First date: you brought him to Build-A-Bear when you realised you both loved adorable fluffy toys. In the end, you got five colourful bears and he bought a whole new wardrobe for Teddy.

First kiss: you wore candy flavoured lipgloss one day and he definitely noticed. He kissed you thoroughly and made sure you were to use it everyday.


-you sing sweet and lovely songs together. You are his precious songbird.

-he knew right away that most of your smiles were far from genuine; as though you were one of his prized dolls. He didn’t want you as a hollow figure, though, so he tried his best to make you happy.

-you exchange sweets a lot. He’ll bring something he bought on the other side of Tokyo while you’d give him something you made yourself.

-you try to get him to run with you sometimes but he blatantly refuses.