The Independent published Saturday the results of an investigation in which they found that more than 3,000 police officers in the U.K. are under investigation for assault. The majority of complainants are racial minorities — namely residents of African and Asian descent. In London, black and Asian people make up a third of the population, but 55% of alleged brutality victims. In the West Midlands region of the country, they make up 14% of the population but nearly half of brutality complainants, the report states.

Internal probes into these incidents remain ongoing across the U.K.’s 45 police forces. Meanwhile, 98% percent of the officers under investigation are still on active duty, with only 2% suspended or placed on restricted duty, according to the Independent investigation.





Louis vs. Zaughty Timeline


April 30th US time/ early May 1st UK time- 

  • 1D was removed from Zayn’s Twitter handle which upset the fandom. 
  • The One Direction site link was also taken out of his bio and his rollercoaster quote was erased.  
  • “Is speech an extension to our thoughts or an image that we like to create x” (12:15am GMT) was posted around the same time.  
  • There was quite a bit of media coverage of the 1D being removed with a focus on how upset the fans were for that day and the next.

late May 3rd LA time/early May 4th UK time

early May 4th LA time

May 4th and 5th

  • There were a noticeable number of anon asks worrying about Zayn possibly being replaced in One Direction.

May 6th

May 6th

  • Naughty Boy’s account posted a filtered pic with Zayn with the words “Replace this .” (2:04pm GMT)  
  • Zayn retweeted it. (he didn’t @ anyone) (within an hour or so of Naughty Boy tweeting it)

May 6th

  • Louis’ account tweeted an indirect diss about using filters. (he didn’t @ anyone) (8:41am PT / 4:41pm GMT)  
  • Naughty Boy’s account took the bait and he and Louis traded barbs. (8:55am PT / 4:55pm GMT until 9:24am PT / 5:24pm GMT)   
  • Zayn’s account dissed Louis for getting involved and saying anything at all. (9:18am PT / 5:18pm GMT)  
  • The last direct action seems to have been Naughty Boy’s account retweeting the Zayn account tweet.
  • Pics and links to tweets starting from “Replace this .”
  • The fight got very quick and very prolific media coverage.

PSA: please don’t waste your vote today. Don’t complain about the state of the UK if you have a chance to do something about it and choose not to. Thanks.

Excerpt of Danai Gurira article- London Evening Standard

Gurira wants colour-blind casting where it doesn’t undermine the plot. “With Shakespeare, there’s no reason why Hamlet shouldn’t be Chinese or Lady Macbeth Ghanaian. It was written close to 500 years ago! The idea that we’re still thinking about colour when casting Shakespeare is ridiculous.

She notes a little improvement. “You look at some amazing TV shows right now, like How to Get Away with Murder with Viola Davis. The fact she is black in the show has no relevance, but it’s a part where someone would have traditionally looked at that script and said ‘let’s cast a white woman’ FOR NO REASON.” She shouts the last three words.

Exceptions are times where race is integral to the narrative or where they offer a depiction that is scarce on screen. She feels her Walking Dead character, Michonne, is one such example. Michonne was African-American in Robert Kirkman’s comic book on which the series is based. “She has dreadlocks and a sword. Black women of that nature are under-represented on television.”

Gurira tells me proudly about all the different Michonne action figures. She clearly adores playing her: “I have this fantastic character who has complexity and a distance to go in terms of who she is and who she could be. That’s an actor’s dream.”

Michonne was almost silent in the early seasons, a stretch — I suggest — for someone as articulate as Gurira. “Yes, it built up a lot of intensity in my body. It made me step away from myself and find this woman and the wounds that caused her to create a mask of disconnect to the world.”

Many fans of the show want Michonne to become romantically involved with the male protagonist, Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln. They even have a portmanteau nickname: Richonne. “It makes total sense that [viewers] see something special. They have a very intimate friendship. It is a friendship, however. I have no idea what that evolves into next.” There’s a throaty laugh: “I appreciate that fans want Michonne to get some loving, though.”


For the full article click here.

al estilo gray
  • al estilo gray

W - Esperate, esperate, esperate, quedate quieto, hay alguna forma de romper algo? 

V - Si quieres quieres te golpeo yo en plan gray

W - Pero a ver, a ver, a ver, a ver, a ver vegetta

V -*risa* Vamos a ver anastasia

W - …estamos teniendo un problema ahora mismo

willy siempre el uke plz 7u7

Omg so imagine Eggsy writing letters to Harry after Kentucky. He thinks Harry is dead but he has trouble letting go. He has so much he wanted to tell him.

So he writes about v-day, about daisy and his mom, about his fight with Dean, about JB and how fat he’s getting.

Some of the letters are just about how much he misses Harry. And as he writes Eggsy realizes that he loved Harry. He still does.

He has frantic letters where he confesses that he doesn’t think he can make it without him. there are tear stains and warped paper. Some look like they’ve been crumpled and then flattened out.

What he doesn’t know is that Harry’s been recovering. It’s a closely guarded secret since the chaos after v-day and getting Harry back to the UK has been nothing but a pain due to the panic.

Eggsy’s gone on a mission when Harry is brought back to his house. They’re hopping for a smooth, easy transition. Eggsy will be told last, unfortunately.

While Eggsy is gone Harry finds the letters and reads every one. He tries writing his own letter, to explain himself and tell Eggsy that he feels the same way. That he loves him. But nothing sounds right.

So when Eggsy comes back he just visits. The entire ride to Eggsy’s place he still can’t come up with the words.

So he kisses him. And tries to say everything he can in that kiss.

Eggsy thinks it’s a dream at first. Sleep deprivation tormenting him.

But then Harry doesn’t disappear and he’s still there, kissing him like it’s the last thing he’s ever going to do. And eggsy can’t believe it.

He laughs and half-cries between each kiss, hands twisted in Harry’s shirt, and doesn’t think he’ll ever let go.