First and most important of all: I’M SO PROUD OF MY SPARKLESHARK TO MAKE IT INTO ADVANCED TRAINING!! Can we all just have a moment of proudness for them please? So awesome!! \o/

Now, to the comic, this little conversation made me kinda happy. Sometimes it annoys me that for some reason 99.9% of people seem to automatically assume I’m heterosexual - and are surprised when they find out I’m not and almost act as if I kept a secret from them until then (dude, to begin with, you never even asked!). 

(Btw, I totally realize that the derby context and being a cute fluffball with gf might have helped the impression in this case though. 😁 )

We have a lot of different directors on our show and we get a lot of recurring directors as well. Sometimes you get directors that aren’t as familiar with our characters as we are. Sometimes we’re a little misdirected and we have to guide our directors and often directors come in with really great new ideas and see things in our characters that we hadn’t seen yet. That’s inspiring. I’m always open to any kind of direction as long as I’m not doing anything completely ridiculous or anything that’s not true to my character. I’m constantly learning something new and when we get great directors - and we’ve had so many - they’ve enlightened me in ways I didn’t expect so… it’s an ongoing process but the characters - all the characters - just keep evolving and the directors do have a hand in that.
—  Lana Parrilla

ESSENTIALLY, Handsome Devil looks like a composite of stories I a) wish to read and b) wish to write and if the Guardian review had me at “boarding school outsiders find each other” and then had me again at “rugby buddy movie that tackles homophobia with a laugh” but because the world HATES ME there appears to be no UK showing that we can find. ANYWAY. I’ll leave you with “boarding school outsiders find each other” and remind the world in general that boarding school stories are my favourite thing. 

It baffles me that so many people who feed their dogs nothing but biscuits look at me like I’ve just dribbled down my chin when I say I feed my dog raw food. Dogs are literally designed to eat raw food not dry biscuits made from a brand that cages animals to test food on them anyway

Tranter patent Horsley M1871 revolvers

Manufactured by Thomas Horsley c.late 19th century in York, England - no serial number, as is often the case in small production run boxed firearms.
Chambered for one of the innumerable .450~455 British revolver cartridges, six-round cylinder, double action, side loading gate.

There appears to be some kind of safety latch behind the trigger, but I can’t say for sure how it works. Note that the .450 Eley cartridge shown here in the box doesn’t fit these guns.