How the British brag

One of our British opinion writers explains how applying for an “extraordinary alien” visa makes her uncomfortable because British people don’t know how to properly celebrate accomplishments like choosing a salad for lunch:

The UK has exceptional qualities – the National Health Service, pubs, comedy panel shows – but being self-congratulatory is not an ingrained part of growing up in Britain; humility is. “American exceptionalism” is a stock phrase here, but British exceptionalism? We don’t like the fuss; we’re fine, thank you. In order to stay, I have to relinquish the cherished grumpy cynicism at the heart of British culture and accept that in America, it’s OK to say you’re extraordinary.

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If you’ve ever been a fan of UK Garage, from back in the day or even someone who got into it in the last few years. This documentary is essential, Channel 4 smashed it on this, check it out:

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