Just lovely: Roger Langridge’s The Kirby Alphabet, with everyone from Kamandi to the Puppet Master, Big Barda to the King himself. (As first published in the UKCAC98 booklet.)

i take notes from ukcac (uk comic art convention) sept 1990:

met jaime hewlett (cartoonist gorillaz and tank girl. affectionately known as wank girl)

later befriended conference speakers trina robins (cartoonist), grant morrison (writer), dave gibbons (cartoonist), paul gravett (god), georgiou bambos (cartoonist), cam kennedy (cartoonist/judge dredd & kidnapped with alan grant), susan catherine (writer of night kitchen blogged earlier), carol bennett (editor of fanny, women’s underground comics, bob christ, son of god, cartoon blogged earlier), eve statler (london cartoon centre)

i take notes:

walking inside the panels (exhibition in france) like tarot cards. creatures come to life of page

how image make other images’ meanings change

comic about german police spy & mass murderer fritz haarmann 

3rd reich frowned on Comics

franco/spain held comics back.

donald duck best known character - sweden