hey guys, as you all know I lost my brother on the 11th to type 1 diabetes and we are all fundraising as much money in different ways, for example me and my two closest friends are hosting an outdoor cinema in which tickets are £5 and all proceeds go towards diabetes UK which helped my brother and so many other diabetic people in our country on a daily basis. they’re an incredible Union who help people with diabetes learn to cope with it and become more confident etc etc based on the patients needs. my brother has set up a just giving: in which he is participating in the Dunwich Dynamo for a second time, this is a cycle ride in which he has to travel 200km overnight. All donations will also go to Diabetes UK. please reblog this post and help us fund as much money possible for the charity. My older brother was a passionate, caring and loving person who passed away at the young age of 24 he will never be forgotten but at least with us raising this money we can give back to Diabetes UK what they gave him and many other people. thank you and please donate!

How would you know you crossed a border during the Middle Ages?

The feature that would most clearly indicate that you were passing from one region to another would be tolls collected on roads and bridges. It would be less a change of border than a change of private jurisdiction. These were maintained by the local lord or sometimes local monastic house. The income from the tolls was supposed to be used for the upkeep of the road or bridge. Main roads would pass through towns, which would be walled and gated. These would likewise require a toll to enter. Merchant travelers, who often travelled in groups for safety, were advised to have gold and silver coins easily convertible to the local currency. In 1179, the Third Lateran Council threatened excommunication to anyone who raised the cost of old tolls or imposed new ones without the permission of their king or prince.

Christians traveling in Muslim lands would be subject to something more closely like a border crossing protocol. At Alexandria, they and their baggage were closely searched upon landing at the port.

Another indicator of a change of region would be a shift in the language spoken, which could sometimes be dramatic. There were places in rural France where people in one village could barely understand the dialect of a village just a few miles away.

See Jean Verdun, Travel in the Middle Ages (1998; trans. George Holoch, 2003)

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Image: Medieval bridge at Aylesford (x)

Daily Mail Refugee Article Slammed By Own Readers

A Daily Mail article on the plight of asylum seekers fleeing to the Greek island of Kos and causing discomfort to disgruntled British holiday-makers has caused an outpouring of disbelief among the paper’s own readers.

Greek islands including Kos have been flooded with Afghan and Syrian refugees in the past few months, many of whom are fleeing the onslaught of Islamic State, with thousands reported dead in Syria alone.

The focus of MailOnline’s story was on the British sunseekers who had fled the English weather in hope of a carefree vacation during the half term.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Manchester native Anne Servante said: “We have been coming here for almost ten years. We like to eat, drink and relax. But this time the atmosphere has changed.

"It’s really dirty and messy here now. And it’s awkward. I’m not going to sit in a restaurant with people watching you.”

In reaction, many commenters berated the paper for the way it reported on the humanitarian crisis.

One said: “Oh dear. I’m so sorry your important middle class jolly holiday has been ruined by poor people with trivial things to worry about like where their next meal is coming from and where they will find a roof over their head and whether they’ll ever see their relatives again.”

Many of the migrants are taking refuge in an abandoned hotel, while the local police station is filled to capacity at night

Another asked: “What else are they supposed to do? Wait to die in their own countries just so holiday makers can eat their dinner without feeling watched?”

Migrants arrive at the Greek island of Kos on a rubber dinghy

“Oh how sad for those British tourists - my heart bleeds for them,” another said sarcastically. “Seriously they are complaining because the refugees are "ruining their holiday” well I’m sure the refugees don’t mean to ruin anyone’s day but have some sympathy, they are fleeing their war torn country for a better life… trying to survive no less.“

A similarly shocked reader added: "You want me to feel sorry for the tourists??? The ones with money enough to go on holiday and who have a home and safety to go back to? DM, you need to rewrite the whole article with a different perspective. This is embarrassing.”

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The Graham Norton Show

Series 17

Episode 8 of 12

Among the guests on Graham’s sofa are Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy and Oscar-nominated Brit Jude Law, starring together in new comedy movie Spy, Hollywood heartthrob Chris Pratt talking about newblockbuster Jurassic World and top comic John Bishop. Also featuring music from Florence and the Machine.


22:35 - UK


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I mean, Wales was great, I loved it, but I miss my SUNNY town y’know.

Basically, tomorrow I’ll go to Paris (I hope I’ll get to see that Eiffel Tower omg) then I’ll take the plane to go home. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

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