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Hey Sasha! So, Kent University Student Union chose Zayn and Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, to front Black History Month there. There's backlash because neither are black but some people (myself included) think that Asians and other POC should be involved in Black History Month too. I was just wondering what your opinion on the matter is?

A university’s students union has become a “national embarrassment” after it picked former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as poster-boys for Black History Month.

Students at Kent University pointed out that that neither Malik nor Khan are black and are both from British Pakistani families.

What the actual fuck?? Hell no this isn’t ok. It’s incredibly insulting and offensive. All POC are not interchangeable. This is so disrespectful, as if white people can’t be bothered to recognize us as as distinctly different contributors to humanity’s greatness. Fuck that.

These motherfuckers ain’t slick. They did this on purpose to insult all people of color. It’s the dogwhistle messaging equivalent of calling two accomplished and popular Asian men n*****s. For black people it’s meant to say we’re beneath contempt, not even worthy of recognition. This is serious and someone needs to be held accountable.

FYI, the UK (and US) observe Asian history month in May.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of n****rization:

N****rization is neither simply the dishonoring and devaluing of black people nor solely the economic exploitation and political disenfranchisement of them. It is also the wholesale attempt to impede democratization—to turn potential citizens into intimidated, fearful, and helpless subjects.

Dr. Cornel West

Imo, this was an attempt to n****rize Zayn and Mayor Khan and to strip black people of the ability to celebrate their accomplishments in an effort to demoralize both groups. It’s horribly racist and xenophobic and no one should support this.
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“Australia has ruled out negotiating free-trade deals with Theresa May’s government until Britain has formally completed its departure from the European Union.Steven Ciobo, Australia’s trade minister, said on Tuesday that he had received advice telling him entering formal talks with Britain before Brexit is complete would be illegal, The Times reports.”

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