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Are there streams to watch Louis tomorrow?

XF is going to stream it on their youtube channel, here’s the link! in alternative, you can use one of these websites:

or you can watch it here if you know how to change your proxy.

NOTE: the streaming should start at 8pm GMT - 3pm EST. (check this out for reference)

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the american version of skam would be horrible. we tried to do the same with the popular Uk tv show Skins but nobody was watching it because it was soooo bad omg

omg ive never seen american skins but ive heard its pretty bad…
Doctor Who has just cast its first transgender actor
Bethany Black is to become the first openly transgender actor to appear in Doctor Who.

Black’s character is not transgender, and she was considered the best actor for the role.

A trans actor cast for a non-trans role. That’s gotta be the first time I read about something like that. Pretty revolutionary to be considered just like everyone else, huh?