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mcr is not a boy band, it's a band and frank has hazel eyes not green

mcr??? not??? a boy band??? well what does it take to be a boy band:

1. boys ✔

2. band ✔

3. signed to major label: warner bros. ✔

4. mainstream/commercial success: tcfsr and bp went platinum and dd went gold in the uk charts ✔

5. TV appearances: jimmy kimmel, snl, conan ✔

6. member archtypes: the leader (gerard) the quiet one (mikey) the hyperactive one (frank) the underapreciated one who deserves the world (ray) side note: also refer to lotms they literally give each other archtypes ✔

7. and last but most importantly, matching outfits: ✔

in conclusion,,,,mcr is a boyband #confirmed