I suddenly remembered that I had promised to make a post with pics of my jackets and vests, so here they are! 
I put them in chronological order, because why not.
The denim jacket in the middle is the same one in all three photos, I just felt like showing the two different looks it’s had (and some details that were missing in the first photo of it).

Obviously some of these arent finished, and some look more empty than they should, because I dont have that many pins so I move them around to whatever jacket/vest I’m using at the moment.

Oh and also! If you look closely at some of these photos you will notice an awesome filth patch, a gorgeous chaos armband and a totally rad scum patch, all made by the amazingly talanted hellray! <3 You should check out her shop, she makes some really cool stuff! 


Working on this vest with my bf. First diy project we’ve made together (when it comes to clothes anyway). Most of the painting is done by me, as well as the stencils. He’s done most of the studding, and brought the most ideas to the table :p Obviously not done yet, but we’re off to a good start. Oh! And all the zippers have glow in the dark paint on them, which looks pretty awesome.