Young Girl Captured Image of the ‘Grey Lady’ of Hampton Court Palace?

A spectral woman is believed to haunt England’s Hampton Court Palace, and a young girl believes she may have captured photographic evidence to support these claims. Holly Hampsheir, 12 years-old, took this image with her cell phone while visiting the royal palace. She went to take a picture of her cousin, Brook McGee, and ended up capturing a very tall figure standing behind her cousin.

I was totally freaked out." Brook said. "I didn’t see anything. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear but we had no idea. We haven’t slept properly since." The figure in the photo is believed to be that of the ‘Grey Lady’, who’s the spirit of a woman named Dame Sybil. It’s said that Dame’s spirit began haunting the palace because the nearby church, her resting place, was being rebuilt and they had to move her tomb.

It’s been suggested that this image is nothing more than a panorama picture gone wrong. When compared to other failed panorama pictures, it does seem like that’s what happened here. Not only that, but the figure doesn’t look much like a ghost at all. In my opinion, it was probably just another person visiting the palace. What do you think? Did this young girl happen to capture actual evidence of the ‘Grey Lady’? Or is this merely a panoramic picture gone wrong?


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