Fiction Records was founded in 1978 by Chris Parry. In the early nineties the label was bought by Polydor where it lay effectively dormant for a decade apart from the occasional Cure release. In 1992 the imprint achieved its first #1 record in The Cure’s album Wish, which reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom.


Axles and Alloys in 1:43 scale.

I got sent a link today by Greg Hojek to an AAR of A&A played with the larger 1:43 scale diecasts (the sort that are very, very loosely sort of maybe in scale with 28mm figures). I absolutely love that post-apoc Porsche 356 and the resin oil slicks he made.

Lovely stuff and more here -

More 1:43 diecast conversion here -


Oh my fucking god! This is insane! i would have given anything to be there.

Heavenly - Atta Girl (1993)

“Frustratingly, it wasn’t until Sarah 30 that we signed a band whose leader was a woman: Heavenly, led by Amelia Fletcher, previously of Talulah Gosh. But that was because so few bands like Heavenly existed. A lot of independent music in the ’80s and early ’90s was politically right-on, but most of it was also very male; women in bands were often on backing vocals or tambourine or singing words written by male bandmates, and there was a dull, depressing habit of using women as decoration on record sleeves. Sarah had a rule not to do this and we spent ages arguing with photographers who wanted to put female band members front and centre because it was “symmetrical”. By 1993, Heavenly were influenced by riot grrrl to write angry, political pop songs like Atta Girl.”

Clare Wadd & Matt Haines of Sarah records talk about their ten defining releases over at the Vinyl Factory – UK DIY label Sarah Records in their own words…


TIANL 001 is finally finished ! (don’t worry, the one pictured is a bit battered but that’s my artist copy - but, yeah, the art only just about fits with them all haha). A Raja’s Mesh Men & Willowbrook ushering in a new era.

If you’d like to pick one up please message this page and I will give you paypal details for the label - they are £3 GBP + whatever P+P costs to your region.


Artist’s Choice: The Maccabees
The Longpigs - On And On

The Longpigs have been brought back into focus of late through guitarist Richard Hawley’s last couple of solo records. The most recent, ‘Standing on the Sky’s edge’ is amongst the best British guitar records made in recent times. Singer Crispin Hunt has continued work as a songwriter since the bands split some time ago, co-writing songs with Jake Bugg and Florence amongst many others. 'On and On’, for me, is a lost britpop classic, especially this US version. A seperate version was recorded for the UK record after a label fall out, I find this to have something that our home release didn’t quite reach. Heartbreak is often documented in song, but there is something about this that rings true to me about the confusion when really faced with it. All this time after its recording, it still moves me, and that must count for something.

Felix White (The Maccabees)

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Two young explosive rocking brothers from LA. Hand picked by Damon to supportBLUR at the Margate Winter Gardens in 2012 on their mini warm up tour pre Olympic Games finale show in Hyde Park.

They were hugely impressive that night, so we tracked ‘em down and here they are at the Ramsgate Music Hall…

You will love these two, we promise…