Current thoughts on the stunt

In a post I made yesterday showing how much positive press Simon is getting right now, I am convinced everyone is working together. 

Zayn was moved to RCA Records but Simon is still getting so much press, that I can’t see any other option than they are working together. 

I would not be surprised if Syco will be Zayn’s UK label, while RCA will be his US label (this little detail was only mentioned by Billboard, probably on purpose, as the solo news wouldn’t have been so big if it was just ‘Zayn signs with RCA as his US label, but stays with Simon as his UK label’). This could be the same for the boys when they hopefully sign a new deal later in the year.

You can’t see it as coincidence that every time either OT4 or Zayn does something the opposite does something too. Here is a perfect post explaining this. 

The best example though is this what just happened. Zayn officially goes solo and BAM OT4 release a single early which was scheduled to release on August 7th.

I have a feeling the Zayn solo news was dropped to early, because reasons I don’t know, which will explain why RCA was so slow to announce the news themselves. 1DHQ wasn’t prepared either, so they worked fast and got the single released today, and pulled a Beyoncé. 

Irving Azoff seems to be on board as well. This is explained in this post.

My current theory is that, Zayn was ‘told’ to go solo (maybe he wanted to himself) to drop a massive PR bomb. OT4 will soon follow and sign with RCA as their US label, Simon will still be their UK label, they will all ditch Modest! (doesn’t seem like Simon would mind this one bit, as Modest! isn’t the XF management by default anymore indicating he wouldn’t mind them changing management) - they will either stay OT4 and Solo Zayn, or they will reunite as OT5, and do solo stuff on the side.
Fiction Records Co. Uk

Fiction Records was founded in 1978 by Chris Parry. In the early nineties the label was bought by Polydor where it lay effectively dormant for a decade apart from the occasional Cure release. In 1992 the imprint achieved its first #1 record in The Cure’s album Wish, which reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom.

A Raja’s Mesh Men, Alocasia Garden, Nail Club, Endote, Burning Pyre, Negative Space.

2015 has been great so far and I’m excited about what’s up for the next few months.

Few copies of each are still available via Vanity Pill. Order here.

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Developing markets show more concern for environmentally sound packs than developed ones: Tetra Pak
Consumers demonstrate growing interest in environmentally sound packaging, with shoppers in developing countries wishing to secure a cleaner environment for their children, according to Tetra Pak.
SG Lewis
PMR Records 1994 MGMT: Bookings: / (U.S) London Via Reading

Moonset’s current artist obsession is SG Lewis – a 21-year-old electronic music producer based in Liverpool, UK.

SG is signed by PMR Records from London, England – the same record label Disclosure is under.

His newest track – “No Less” featuring Louis Mattrs – is perfection. It is the first single off of his upcoming EP – Shivers.

Kartell – from our favorite French label, Roche Musique – made a really good remix of this single.

SG’s remix of Jessie Ware’s “You & I Forever” has such a nice vibe, he always uses the best vocals in his music.

Louis Mattrs is another great artist to watch out for!

Understand, I am a lover of Fashion -

The fabric, the style, the details, the fit, the garms but…. The most important label for me to be apart of is the one what Jesus is in!

Let us constantly ensure our life is styled and dressed the way God wants us to be, after all… God is the greatest designer… He made you!

•Signed; Natasha Rosetta🌹

S/O @dailymotivation_100 for the Image 👑

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Nico Frame Appointed As Marketing Manager for Silver Fox

Nico Frame has reverse the Marketing Manager of Silver Crafty rascal, a leading UK manufacturer in respect to labelling solutions.

Previous to to suffixation the company, Nico was Senior Sales Savant for the London-based sales arrangement third string, Sales Doctor Ltd. Yourself has a background now sales and marketing among both the pharmaceutical merchantry (partnered with Quintiles) and the home entertainment sector (with Arrow Films).

In addition to sales and marketing, Nico’s something couple clay pigeon poignant, film and football.

Commenting on Nico’s appointment, Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox, said: “Nico brings a further dimension to our marketing efforts, enabling the Silver Fox colophon to come over increasingly recognised and respected via the world.

"This should enable the company to be increasingly successfully as it competes in the developing markets inasmuch as the wide peregrinate of labelling products that we lavish upon over against the Energy, Power, Rail and Data & Telecoms industries globally.”

“I’m delighted to put my experience and expertise at the service as to Gray-toned Fox,” speech Nico Frame. “The company has a wide range of impressive, independently tested, high quality labelling products and a growing customer homopolymer around the world.

"It’s articulately an exciting time until come joining this company,” he added. “I’m looking forward on help the company continue growing - and providing above jobs within the UK manufacturing sector.”


With regard to Dove-gray Fox Ltd
A leader in UK manufacturing labelling solutions using a special Plug'n'Play unfrozen printer or a standard office printer - ensuring fast and unwasteful identification of cables, wires, optical fibres, panels and bump - Whiten Fox delivers solutions for the Influence, Goad, Rail and Factual base & Telecoms industries worldwide.

The company’s production in re erectly reliable durable labelling is only part of the memorials. It also offers three levels of software, whole wide world of which are downloadable from the company’s website, so as to free trial. Developed fellow feeling conjunction with engineers over the past 15 years or like so, these software solutions offer an array of unique time-saving options which, considering the time-critical project, can turn presto into gate.

Silver Fox tests its labels at recognised independent UKAS certified test laboratories in compliance with a chaser in relation with different MIL and unalike standards. It is ISO 9001:2008 registered. En plus, the company has spent over 30 years developing its products. Its commitment over against global body corporate was recognised in 2005 by way of the Queen’s Decree for Plunderbund - International Trade.

Further information excluding:
Nico Frame, Commercial relations Manager,
+44 (0)1707 373727;

Bob Mote,
Jump Vile Press & PR, +44 (0)1727 860405;

Bring Me The Horizon Sign To Columbia Records

After a wave of cryptic umbrella symbols appearing on streets and band members, Bring Me The Horizon released their latest track ‘Happy Song’. It’s now come to light that the band have signed to Columbia Records in the US.

The news was broken by Alternative Press and it solidifies the end of the bands relationship with Epitaph. The move means Bring Me The Horizon joins the major label and are now label mates with One Direction, System of a Down and AC/DC.

There has been a mixed reaction to the latest single ‘Happy Song’. The band have been working with Sony in UK territory since 2012 which saw the release of their huge album Sempiternal in 2013. changing in the Bring Me The Horizon camp.

There is a worrying and dangerous tendency in the #UK to label as #extremists anybody who poses a challenge and who wants to protest against the unfair #economic system that exists in the UK, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT.

City of #London police have been attacked for #pigeonholing an anti-#capitalist group, alongside #AlQaeda and #IRA. An anti-terror presentation for nursery and school staff featured a picture of the #OccupyLondon campaign alongside images from the 7/7 London bombings in 2005 and an IRA attack in 1996. The anti-inequality group was also categorized as an example of #domesti extremism.

RT: As we’ve heard #Londonpolice have placed movements like the Occupy London movement alongside international terrorist groups. What are your thoughts on calling movements like these extremist?

#NeilClark: I think this all fits in with what’s been happening here in #Britain because the #government has got this new so-called ‘counter extremism initiative.’ They want to bring in a bill and… their definition of ‘extremism’ is deliberately designed to bring in people who challenge the established order. Of course it’s not just simply about terrorists; it’s about anybody who criticizes the capitalist system, anybody who poses any kind of challenge, and anybody who wants to protest against the existing very unfair economic system that we’ve got in Britain. This is worrying, this is dangerous.

I think we’ve got the biggest threat to our civil liberties in Britain at the moment under this government of #DavidCameron that we’ve had for many, many years - over 100 years certainly. I remember Cameron a few weeks ago made a very sinister speech when he said that for too long we’ve been a passively tolerant society [and] we’ve got to change that. And he said that in the past people who were not causing trouble would be left alone, and we’ve got to change that - I think it’s very sinister, really, because he is trying to clamp down on legitimate dissent. (at

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anonymous asked:

why isnt syco there in the current labels list you posted?

bc they are a branch label. one direction is under syco but has a US deal with columbia i believe. so its possible he may sign to a another branch uk label and still have his Columbia deal or move completely to Columbia or move to somewhere else