These are some things so beautiful we just have to share them with you, and these photos taken by @kommienezuspadt and starring Miss Victory Violet are some of them! Miss Victory Violet is wearing our discontinued Eartha line, named for the legendary Eartha Kitt, which featured suspenders from a vintage pattern and a Cathedral Bullet Bra. We still make a version of this gorgeous bra today, which is now available in chocolate brown and cream satin - our Coco range!

August 27 2016 - Direct Action for Trans Health, No Prisons Manchester, and the IWW Incarcerated Workers Committee marched in protest of the Greater Manchester Police having a space at Pride. They entered the march in front of the group of police marchers and blocked their way. [video]

Queer and trans people are disproportionately affected by prisons in the UK (based on experiences: the exact extent is not known due to a lack of research and transparency from the Ministry of Justice). We are punished for self-defence, and already have higher rates of suicide, self-harm, drug abuse, and other harms which are exacerbated by prison.
We’re here to draw attention to the police presence at Manchester Pride – there’s no pride in keeping people in cages!


Honister Pass by Bob Radlinski
Via Flickr:
On the road between Keswick and Buttermere.