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Wolfgang free styling on the uke after our yoga sadhana :)

Hi guys, I’m a cis girl looking to donate some make up. Trans girls in the UK will take priority because of shipping arrangements, which I should be able to cover although message me still if you’re from elsewhere in the world and hopefully we can figure something out :)

Foundation post: I know buying make up can get pretty expensive and particularly difficult for the darker skinned ladies since a lot of foundation is aimed at Caucasian women. I’ve got 6 different tones to give away, each valued at £23 from the Sonya range by Aloe Vera Forever Living. My mum was a salesperson for FL veryyy briefly (she’s not much of a seller) and she bought this big tester case of make up including 12 different foundations. Now, there aren’t any darker skinned women in our tiny village so half of them wear never used. A couple have some little finger prints in them but that was just me making sure they were still okay to use. She gave the case to me for my birthday a while ago but heck I don’t need all those foundations, especially since I’m white af so I thought some of you lovely ladies could make better use of them :)

Left to right top: Golden Sun, Mocho, Raisin

Left to right bottom: Chocolate, Butter, Sunset Beige (much more of a sandy beige than it looks)

Annoyingly, the colours aren’t exactlyyy the same as they’ve come out on the picture, although they’re fairly similar but I’ll make sure to help you choose the one that’s right for you if you message me! Please don’t be shy or feel rude to message me, I really want to help :) Let me know where you’re from and what you’re interested in and we can go from there.

Love, Sarah at tea-yoga-health