uk vandalism


26 September 2015 - anti-gentrification activists held a street party in the London Shoreditch neighbourhood, during the third Fuck march organised by Class War. Protesters carried torches, flares and smoke bombs, and attacked some businesses representing the shitty developers, yuppies and hipsters taking over the working class neighbourhood and making it unaffordable for the current residents. Among these were an estate agents and a ridiculous cereal café where hipsters can go to eat imported breakfast cereal for £4,- a bowl. [video]


Ok,  this is not acceptable.  

Firstly, I do not appreciate my url being spread around outside of Tumblr and this is in America and I am in the UK!   Second of all, vandalism is not funny, It ruins it for other people. Idk why you did this but it is disrespectful to me and Dan and Phil. Please learn the meaning of repsecting both people and other peoples property.