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26 September 2015 - anti-gentrification activists held a street party in the London Shoreditch neighbourhood, during the third Fuck march organised by Class War. Protesters carried torches, flares and smoke bombs, and attacked some businesses representing the shitty developers, yuppies and hipsters taking over the working class neighbourhood and making it unaffordable for the current residents. Among these were an estate agents and a ridiculous cereal café where hipsters can go to eat imported breakfast cereal for £4,- a bowl. [video]

Dogs In Kai’s Pedigree

That I Love Pt2:

Samoems Sais
18/14/87 NLD

(A few good photos of Sais!)

Samoems Siniparta
4/1/92 NLD
(Not exactly in his ped… more like a distant aunt)

Tahawi Burydown Zafaran
17/7/69 UK
C.I.B. - INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION; LU CH - Luxembourg Beauty Champion; GB CH - UK/English Beauty Champion; DE CH (DWZRV) - DWZRV Deutscher Schönheits-Champion

Classicus Serendipity Nijinsky
12/4/77 UK

Knightellington Vandal
32/4/51 UK