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lmao i checked ur blog and for a sec i was like is she okay??? theres like no new art or posts and than i forgot art takes like 3.4195 billion yesrs to complete so,, i hope u are okay if there anything wrong tho *waits patiently bc deidcated and lovin pan*

For the past few months, I have been busy working on several different projects for my university/studies.
I worked on 4 short films to be exact and only 1 of them is released to the public so far, you may watch it here

I helped animate only a couple of shots from this film~ but support it!! It means a lot to me and my friend @lalune95 if you take your time watching/sharing it :D

UK school that bans short sleeves under fire for “sexualization of young girls”

  • Students at the selective U.K. Simon Langton Girl’s Grammar School are pushing back against an “oppressive and demeaning” dress code that bans sleeveless shirts, according to the Telegraph
  • In a petition, sixth form students — who would be roughly 16 to 18 years old — are asking that they be allowed to wear tops that show shoulder. Maddi Lane, the student who started the petition, explained that they aren’t “trying to ‘flaunt’ anything,” according to the Telegraph, but “just want to feel comfortable in a school environment." 
  • Britain, it bears noting, is in the middle of a heat wave. Read more. (5/28/2017 4:00 PM)

Tight Jeans

“The best short film of the last decade” - Jason Solomons (Observer, Daily Mail, BBC London Film Critic). Winner of The London Rushes Soho Film Festival Awards for Best Newcomer, Tight Jeans is the debut film from the UK’s Director/ Writer Destiny Ekaragha, and produced by Tamana Bleasdale for Pollibee Productions.