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The very handsome British fitness model and one half of one of the finest sets of twins around. Owen Harrison. His brother Lewis has been featured before here, so it’s about time he had his own slot! We couldn’t however not slip his brother in at the end…

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Dune (Posters from US teaser by Tom Jung, US advanced, US theatrical, International by Renato Casaro, UK quad by Tom Jung, Japan (x2), Spain, Germany by John Berkey)

David Lynch: With the return of Twin Peaks after 26 years, Brandon and Sam look back at the posters that have accompanied the many films of David Lynch in their first director-themed episode. From Eraserhead to Inland Empire, the boys discuss how Lynch’s unique cinematic vision has been marketed both in the US and abroad since 1977 while looking at the role a one-sheet plays in honoring a filmmaker’s work.

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This past week I’ve been weighing myself again. I’ve been curious as to what my new training is doing to my body, although I still stand by the fact that I think the scale is BS! Anyways that been said I’ve gained which was inevitable on the left I’d lost 102lbs and was starting to see some definition some may think I looked better back then but I wanted to build muscle and gain some ass back 😄 and with muscle comes weight although with my upper body I’ve actually lost size some more, so here’s where I’m at now. I think I’ll try lean out a little later on but for now I’m happy with my baby gains 💪🏻 excited to see what other progress I can make.

Silent Wind (Edit)
Silent Wind (Edit)

QUAD Silent Wind (Edit)

Global Bubblegum Garage Day, part 3.

To be fair, I posted this track on my old tumblr several times, but it’s too perfect for the occasion, innit? Y2K downtown Tokyo luxury ocean liner music that somehow surpasses both (1. most of the stuff Sharpnel and co. have ever made (2. most British 2-step. Bubblegum gare-ij.? Winter gare-ij. Sassy anime closing theme saxaphone riff gare-ij. There’s something mystifying about how comfortable this track is—your Gucci loafers become slippers and your Moschino shirts become a deluxe bunk bed. Snuggle up.


Top Gear Inside Look: Jeremy Clarkson’s Quad Ski

Richard Hammond talks about Jeremy’s turn on the quad ski/jet bike: “…an amazing device, because it worked! … Jeremy looks ridiculous. Really, letting down a kind-of James Bond piece of high tech wizardry by having an orangutan on it!.”

OMG REMEMBER I SAID I MADE AN AMAZING SCREAM PURCHASE A WHILE AGO? IT FINALLY CAME! It’s a rare Scream UK Quad poster! I have wanted it for so long! It’s original and double sided and I am now a proud owner of this huge poster! It’s been a dream of mine to own it for a while! Now I do! So happy right now!!! Aahhhh!!


016 The Love Child (1987)

Part 2: NOT SUIT

Oh, Dillon, look at you in your jeans and scruffy Nikes and sensible blue windcheater showing off your amazing kicking and stomping skills. 

One of the things I like the most about this little film (aside from the story and actors) is how it looks with all the deep saturated reds and blues that are so much in evidence in the NOT SUIT parts.  Dillon mostly wearing cool blues and grays (except for his awesome red reindeer on his awesome reindeer jumper) until he goes completely bonkers with the magic mushrooms – stuffing them into his face with all his FINGERS – which has to be connected with him wearing a hot orangey red shirt. 

Bernadette on the other hand, goes from the hot reds when she and Dillon first talk in the (red) pub to Dillon’s cool blues and grays when he spends the night.  That’s about as far as my analysis can go because I don’t actually know what the hell I’m talking about, but even I can tell a lot of thought went into the color design and that almost every time Dillon is all in blue, there is red somewhere around him threatening him or freaking him out in some way – although sometimes that is just the magic mushrooms.  And actually, that creeptastic Sun-Maid raisin advert would mess with even the soberest person’s mind.

I’ll close out this extended entry – which also closes out part one of the filmography – by saying it’s been almost exactly a year since I was able to access the film in the only way it was then available and I’m still so grateful to the person who made that access possible.  It’s a crying shame the film doesn’t have a proper high quality release since it doesn’t even seem to be available for streaming anymore except on Youtube (ahem).  I’d be more than happy to buy a really nice remastered dvd or HD download on something like Vimeo, but no one out there seems to want to take my money.

Finally, here’s the original UK quad poster that I definitely did buy and that I may or may not have hanging in my house at this very moment:

Next up in the filmography: the film that inspired my favorite question of all time: how many sheep do you have, Peter Capaldi?  How many sheep?!