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The thing is, capitalism has never been reformed ‘peacefully’.

Reform movements which have formally disavowed violent means - from the Civil Rights movement in 1960s America, to Attlee’s Labour government in 1940s Britain - have only been historically successful because mass, organised, revolutionary movements of the politically disenfranchised outside of the formal reform movement have forced those benefiting from the status quo to cede concessions to non-violent, often middle-class, reformist leaders. Malcolm X, the Socialist Party of the USA and the Communist Party forced the American elite to come to the table with Dr. King; the syndicalist and communist trade unions in post-War Britain made opposition to Attlee’s NHS and limited nationalisations foolhardy.

Those who preach non-violence as a strategy rather than as a flexible tactic fatally mistake capitalism for a rational, logical system which plays by its own rules and respects human life.

We know better.


The top picture is showing Jeremy Corbyn.He is the leader of the Labour Party. He is constantly slammed for by the sun and the daily mail for being too left wing and is reffered to as Commie Corbyn or Comrade Corbyn for wanting nuclear disarment, social housing, increased benefits, and being against millitary action in Syria. This is him in 1984 protesting outside the south African embassy. 

The Bottom picture is current Prime minister David Cameron. Often Revered by the right wing newspapers such as the Sun. For pushing through austerity measures to reduce the deficit (Spending cuts), reducing benefits for the poorest and weakest in our society, all while giving tax cuts to millionaires.     This is him outside Oxford university in 1984 as a member of the bullingdon club. An exsclusive club known for trashing resturants and heavy drinking.   One of the requirements to getting in was burning a 50 pound note infront of a homeless person. Aswell as other entry rituals involving a pig.  

But clearly Jeremy is the bad guy here. Literally the devil incarnate. 

150,000 Afghan men, women and children killed or missing.
1,500,000 Iraqi men women and children killed or missing.
The Syrian Civil War.
The rise of ISIL.
The life and death struggle of the Kurdish and Yazidi peoples.
Literally countless refugee deaths at sea in the Mediterranean.
Terror attacks in the UK and other European nations.

All of these flow directly from the cold, premeditated, self-serving actions of the twenty-first century Men of Blood: Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, the slavering cross-bench pack of war dogs whom he led, and the bloodied capitalist interests who profited from taking us to two undemocratic, illegal imperialist wars in the Middle East. No Hell will ever come close to their atonement for initiating one of the most monstrous regional bloodbaths in human history.


Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost

Europe is lost, America lost, London is lost,
Still we are clamouring victory.
All that is meaningless rules,
And we have learned nothing from history.

People are dead in their lifetimes,
Dazed in the shine of the streets.
But look how the traffic keeps moving.
The system’s too slick to stop working.
Business is good. And there’s bands every night in the pubs,
And there’s two for one drinks in the clubs.

We scrubbed up well
We washed off the work and the stress
Now all we want’s some excess
Better yet; A night to remember that we’ll soon forget.

All of the blood that was shed for these cities to grow,
All of the bodies that fell.
The roots that were dug from the ground
So these games could be played
I see it tonight in the stains on my hands.

The buildings are screaming
I cant ask for help though, nobody knows me,
Hostile and worried and lonely.
We move in our packs and these are the rites we were born to
Working and working so we can be all that we want
Then dancing the drudgery off
But even the drugs have got boring.
Well, sex is still good when you get it.

To sleep, to dream, to keep the dream in reach
To each a dream,
Don’t weep, don’t scream,
Just keep it in,
Keep sleeping in
What am I gonna do to wake up?

I feel the cost of it pushing my body
Like I push my hands into pockets
And softly I walk and I see it, it’s all we deserve
The wrongs of our past have resurfaced
Despite all we did to vanquish the traces
My very language is tainted
With all that we stole to replace it with this,
I am quiet,
Feeling the onset of riot.
But riots are tiny though,
Systems are huge,
The traffic keeps moving, proving there’s nothing to do.

It’s big business baby and its smile is hideous.
Top down violence, structural viciousness.
Your kids are doped up on medical sedatives.
But don’t worry bout that. Worry bout terrorists.

The water levels rising! The water levels rising!
The animals, the polarbears, the elephants are dying!
Stop crying. Start buying.
But what about the oil spill?
Shh. No one likes a party pooping spoil sport.

Massacres massacres massacres/new shoes
Ghettoised children murdered in broad daylight by those employed to protect them.
Live porn streamed to your pre-teens bedrooms.
Glass ceiling, no headroom. Half a generation live beneath the breadline.

Oh but it’s happy hour on the high street,
Friday night at last lads, my treat!
All went fine till that kid got glassed in the last bar,
Place went nuts, you can ask our Lou,
It was madness, the road ran red, pure claret.
And about them immigrants? I cant stand them.
Mostly, I mind my own business.
But they’re only coming over here to get rich.
It’s a sickness.
England! England!

And you wonder why kids want to die for religion?

Work all your life for a pittance,
Maybe you’ll make it to manager,
Pray for a raise
Cross the beige days off on your beach babe calendar.

Anarchists desperate for something to smash
Scandalous pictures of glamorous rappers in fashionable magazines
Who’s dating who?
Politico cash in an envelope
Caught sniffing lines off a prostitutes prosthetic tits,
And it’s back to the house of lords with slapped wrists
They abduct kids and fuck the heads of dead pigs
But him in a hoodie with a couple of spliffs –
Jail him, he’s the criminal

It’s the BoredOfItAll generation
The product of product placement and manipulation,
Shoot em up, brutal, duty of care,
Come on, new shoes.
Beautiful hair.

Bullshit saccharine ballads
And selfies
And selfies

And selfies
And here’s me outside the palace of ME!

Construct a self and psyhcosis
And meanwhile the people are dead in their droves
But nobody noticed,
Well actually, some of them noticed,
You could tell by the emoji they posted.

Sleep like a gloved hand covers our eyes
The lights are so nice and bright and lets dream
But some of us are stuck like stones in a slipstream
What am I gonna do wake up?

We are lost
We are lost
We are lost
And still nothing
Will stop
Nothing pauses

We have ambitions and friends and our courtships to think of
Divorces to drink off the thought of

The money
The money
The oil

The planet is shaking and spoiled
Life is a plaything
A garment to soil
The toil the toil.
I cant see an ending at all.
Only the end.

How is this something to cherish?
When the tribesmen are dead in their deserts
To make room for alien structures,

Kill what you find if it threatens you.

No trace of love in the hunt for the bigger buck,

Here in the land where nobody gives a fuck.

The Yeşilova Incident

In April 1991 British Marines were tasked with distributing relief to 3,000 Kurdish and Assyrian refugees, who had fled Saddam Hussein’s persecution of Kurds in Iraq following an unsuccessful Kurdish and Shiite rebellion. The Kurdish and Assyrian refugees were living in refugee camps just over the border in Turkey. Turkish soldiers instead of cooperating with the British Marines in relief distribution, were under orders to steal all the blankets, bed linen, flour and food, including sixty boxes of water. The British Marines piled all the supplies back in their helicopters, to avoid giving them to the Turkish soldiers and to not give them to the refugees which might have started a firefight with the Turks. Various diseases, including cholera, broke out among the civilians because they were deprived of medical services by the Turkish military. To this day, Turkey has never explained or apologized for the incident.


February 5th 1788: Robert Peel born

On this day in 1788, the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Robert Peel, was born. Peel was born in Bury, Lancashire to a prominent family, as his father was a famous industrialist and Member of Parliament. The young Robert received an exceptional education at Oxford University, and entered politics at the young age of twenty-one in 1809. His political career took off quickly, and he rapidly rose through the ranks, becoming Home Secretary in 1822, when he was thirty-four years old. Peel served as Home Secretary for the duration of the ‘liberal’ government of Lord Liverpool, which lasted until 1827. In this capacity, Peel left his greatest legacy, as he established the Metropolitan Police Force for London in 1829. This essentially set the stage for the creation of the modern police force, and police officers in Britain and still refered to as ‘bobbies’ and ‘peelers’ in memory of Peel. Robert Peel became British Prime Minister in 1834, and again in 1841. As Prime Minister, Peel is best known for his repeal of the unpopular Corn Laws - which restricted the importation of foreign grain - and issuing of the Tamworth Manifesto, which led to the formation of the modern Conservative Party. Peel died in Westminster in 1850 aged 62, and remains one of the most famous Prime Ministers in British history.

I know that the conquest of English America is an impossibility. You cannot, I venture to say it, you CANNOT conquer America…As to conquest, therefore, my Lords, I repeat, it is impossible. You may swell every expense, and every effort, still more extravagantly; pile and accumulate every assistance you can buy or borrow; traffic and barter with every little pitiful German Prince, that sells and sends his subjects to the shambles of a foreign country; your efforts are for ever vain and impotent—doubly so from this mercenary aid on which you rely; for it irritates, to an incurable resentment, the minds of your enemies—to overrun them with the sordid sons of rapine and plunder; devoting them and their possessions to the rapacity of hireling cruelty! If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms, never! never! never! …I call upon the honour of your Lordships to reverence the dignity of your ancestors, and to maintain your own. I call upon the spirit and humanity of my country to vindicate the national character. I invoke the genius of the constitution. From the tapestry that adorns these walls, the immortal ancestor of this noble Lord frowns with indignation at THE DISGRACE OF HIS COUNTRY! In vain he led your victorious fleets against the boasted Armada of Spain; in vain he defended and established the honour, the liberties, the religion, the Protestant religion of his country, against the arbitrary cruelties of Popery and the Inquisition.
—  former Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Pitt, vocally supporting the colonists and their grievances that had caused the American Revolution. In the House of Lords, 1777
Empire state of mind – why do so many people think colonialism was a good thing?
A poll has shown that 43% of people think we should be proud of the British empire, apparently untroubled by its history of massacres, concentration camps and deliberate famines