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PSA: the main reason that Britain never had a European-style mass fascist movement in the 1930s is because socialists, Jews, trade unionists, black folk and queer people physically dismantled the Blackshirt movement in its infancy by disrupting meetings, toppling stages and assaulting prominent fascists. This meant it never reached critical mass as a street gang capable of controlling public space and providing a pole of attraction for white, working-class youth - a fundamental precondition for the exercise of political power independent of the state by fascist Parties.
British massacres of the 20th century
Britain's massacres of the 20th century. Throughout the 20th century the British Army and colonial forces carried out a number of massacres. The most recent ...

As Remembrance Day draws closer and Britain’s jingoistic & reactionary poppy cultists flex their social strength, it’s worth noting exactly why people rightly shun the culturally enforced donning of this symbol of British imperialism & barbarism.

This video, British Massacres of the 20th Century by Crimes of Britain, though only showing a fraction of the horrors unleashed by the British upon the world, demonstrates in no uncertain terms why the British armed forces are not an institution to be lionized, worshiped, or sympathized with.

For any revolutionary, solidarity must always be with the victims of Western Imperialism & neocolonialism!

The thing is, capitalism has never been reformed ‘peacefully’.

Reform movements which have formally disavowed violent means - from the Civil Rights movement in 1960s America, to Attlee’s Labour government in 1940s Britain - have only been historically successful because mass, organised, revolutionary movements of the politically disenfranchised outside of the formal reform movement have forced those benefiting from the status quo to cede concessions to non-violent, often middle-class, reformist leaders. Malcolm X, the Socialist Party of the USA and the Communist Party forced the American elite to come to the table with Dr. King; the syndicalist and communist trade unions in post-War Britain made opposition to Attlee’s NHS and limited nationalisations foolhardy.

Those who preach non-violence as a strategy rather than as a flexible tactic fatally mistake capitalism for a rational, logical system which plays by its own rules and respects human life.

We know better.

Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928)  is one of the most recognisable leaders o the British suffrage movement. She founded the Women’s Franchise League, and was involved in several causes aimed at offering women more rights in society.

She was also the founder of the Women’s Social and Political Union, later transforming it in the Women’s Party, continuously pushing for women being offered the vote. Even though her tactics were described as radical and militant, her efforts eventually led to equal suffrage in 1918.


With apologies to the historians in the audience - I know this is very over-simplified. 77 years is a really long time. Anyway some of this is stuff I didn’t know until recently and it may or may not help you in countering some of the bullshit you come into contact with in life, so there you go.

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Name: Dhru
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I’ve not had a penpal before so I thought this could be cool!
I live in the UK and I study History at Uni :) I’m a massive nerd - I love Harry Potter, Comics (I’m big on DC, especially Batman) and a whole host of TV shows such as Sense8, iZombie and Brooklyn 99. I enjoy talking about politics too and am quite left wing in my political opinions. I enjoy creative writing and am trying to learn to draw better :) Music wise, I’ll listen to anything though my favourite genre is probably indie rock, especially from the early 2000s (Naive by the Kooks is still one of my favourite songs) and I have a lingering love for Green Day and Paramore from my 15 year old emo days.
Come say hi! :)

Preferences: Open to talk to anyone really :)
Rare parchment manuscript of US Declaration of Independence found in England
Two Harvard researchers have found only the second known parchment manuscript of America’s formative text in a West Sussex archive
By Alan Yuhas

This is amazing! Some key information about this document sourced from the article:

  • Researchers believe the man behind this copy of the Declaration was James Wilson, a Pennsylvania delegate to the continental congress, one of six men to sign both the declaration and constitution, and, later, one of the original supreme court justices. 
  • They concluded the document dated to the 1780s, and was produced in America, most likely in New York or Philadelphia. 
  • Unlike previously known copies of the declaration, which have signatures grouped by states, the Sussex copy has its signatures in a patterned jumble. The researchers who discovered the document hypothesize that the appearance of randomness was deliberate and symbolic, part of a nationalist argument that the United States was founded by citizens, each created equal, and not by a looser confederation of states. 
  • Only the second parchment manuscript copy known to exist besides the one kept in the National Archives in Washington DC. 
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Name: Caelan
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Hi whoever’s reading this - I’m Caelan and I’m a Politics and Philosophy student in my first year of university looking for an email penpal. I’m bi/gay (still a bit unsure to be honest), somewhat left-wing, and love drag race, history, 80s music and Britpop and I suppose I’d like to have someone to chat to about anything and everything really! I speak English and French more or less fluently but I also speak a little Spanish and I’m trying to learn Greek, if you’d rather speak in another language.

Preferences: As far as preferences are concerned, naturally I’d prefer someone who is LGBT+ or an ally, and anyone from 18-30ish would be ideal, preferably with similar interests (although that’s not to say I wouldn’t like to talk to those with different interests!). I’m happy to talk over email, whatsapp or twitter, and preferably would avoid snail mail because I’m a poor student who can’t afford stamps haha.
The bloody clash that changed Britain
The long read: It was to be a grand day out: a peaceful rally to call for political reform. But the authorities were spoiling for a fight. The Peterloo massacre marked a turning point in our democracy
By Stephen Bates

The crowd was left to crawl home. “All the roads leading from Manchester to Ashton, Stockport, Cheadle, Bury, Bolton are covered with wounded stragglers,” the Star reported the following day. “There are 17 wounded persons along the Stockport Road, 13-14 on the Ashton road, at least 20 on the Oldham road, seven or eight on the Rochdale road besides several others on the roads to Liverpool.”

Some would conceal their injuries for fear of retribution from employers. But 654 people were sufficiently injured to require medical treatment. The figure is that precise because, in the following weeks, names, addresses and details of injuries were drawn up by newspapers, radicals and a relief committee set up to raise funds to help the wounded and their families. Contrary to the assertions of the authorities, fewer than a quarter were crushed in the crowd: more than 200 were sabred, 70 battered by truncheons, and 188 trampled by horses.

Many of the injured were children, or men and women with families and jobs, of middle age and older. At least two fatalities were special constables. Some died on the spot, others lingered for weeks. The wounds were ghastly: deep sabre cuts to the head and arms, a nose nearly cut off, one man driven into a lime pit and burned, “a piece the size of a half crown clean off the head” of another.

The north remembers

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Name: Éabha
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hi! my name is éabha and I love the idea of a pen pal! I’m in my second year of sixth form and am hoping to go to cambridge for uni next year :)
I’m learning French and Irish and I love learning about new cultures and customs and what it’s like in different parts of the world.
I’m a musical theatre performer and I have far too many stories about the west end and the time we all fell through the trap doors :) I love to dance and read and i love my athletics and netball teams and I love going for walks and hikes.
I really like the idea of physical letters, especially as going away to uni next year might be cool to have letters in the pigeon hole!
I like history and politics and I’m quite neutral about things (sometimes) but I am very pro human rights :)
Plus, my area of London is pretty boring- not as diverse as everyone has you imagine!

Preferences: 17-19 male or female (maybe someone to write to me in French!!) & also anywhere in the world would be so cool