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UK Politics: 2017 Snap General Election

Call me a conspiracy theorist but the timing of this election just seems too perfectly in the Conservatives’ favour…
It’s in the middle of A level and university exams, meaning the turnout of young people will be even lower than normal, and as young people are more likely to vote left, this favours the Tories.
And it’s in the middle of Ramadan, so Muslim MPs will be less able to campaign as they’ll be fasting. This is important because out of the 13 Muslim MPs, 9 are Labour - again, this favours the Tories.

ID #86689

Name: Daria
Age: 17
Country: England

Hi, I’m Daria. I currently live in England, UK.
I mainly listen to R&B/Hip-Hop but I enjoy almost every genre, I enjoy reading, travelling and going to festivals.
I’m currently in my last year of education before university. I’m looking for someone to exchange letters/pictures/drawings with, but also speak more regularly through text/snap/Facebook and develop a friendship.
I’m looking for someone’s who’s interested in travelling, and maybe one day meet on our travels?
I’d like someone open minded, I’m interested in learning about new cultures and new hobbies so even if our interests are different it would be awesome to try something new!

Preferences: 17-24