uk is forever tour

Always & Forever ❤️ These three oddly amazing and charming men will have my love, support and respect no matter what others may say or think. The media can be incredibly harsh and ignorant at times. Are they perfect 100% of the time? No, but that’s what makes them real. I am honored to be apart of the many communities they have created and inspired and I can not wait to see what The Unit comes up with next, together and even apart 😊


Here’s my favourite generation of the UK Star Princess costumes, worn app. between 1995-2002, especially typical for the late 90s. The style disappeared around the time Rachel Barrell got her new costumes ca. 2005, when the bolder colours and cone shaped skirt was introduced.

The UK Star Princess costumes used to be my favourites. They had the lightest bell shaped skirts, just flowing as Christine danced in Masquerade. They had neatly beaded and decorated bodices with tabs like rose petals. They had clear colours with a lovely ombre effect in bodice and in skirt hem. Bring ‘em back.

The Lost Forever // Lost Together UK/European tour is over and it has been absolutely incredible. 35 shows, 15 countries and every single one of them was unbelievable. Its been an amazing experience for all of us and we are so grateful to every person who came out and supported our band. Thank you all for making it our most successful tour in our 10 years as a band.

Photo: Cologne, April 15th, 2014. By Alexey Makhov (


So i crossed the atlantic to go to monumentour, and i thought for months about what i wanted in my M&G pictures, i had no idea and i gave up, until my friends dared me to make “the worm face”.  
(also points to andy for really trying but have his efforts ruined by his beard.)