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Here’s my favourite generation of the UK Star Princess costumes, worn app. between 1995-2002, especially typical for the late 90s. The style disappeared around the time Rachel Barrell got her new costumes ca. 2005, when the bolder colours and cone shaped skirt was introduced.

The UK Star Princess costumes used to be my favourites. They had the lightest bell shaped skirts, just flowing as Christine danced in Masquerade. They had neatly beaded and decorated bodices with tabs like rose petals. They had clear colours with a lovely ombre effect in bodice and in skirt hem. Bring ‘em back.


The Sound of Young America — Diana Ross & Motown 

Before we were graced with Beyoncé’s existence, the world had Diana Ross, who led the success of The Supremes and Motown Records in the 60s. 

In these previously unpublished candids, Diana is backstage at Finsbury Park in London, for the opening of the 1965 Tamla-Motown UK tour.

She, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson changed soul forever, adding a pinch of pop that would define the genre of Motown Sound and  sell more records than the Beatles, Elvis, theStones and the Beach Boys combined, all the while playing an important role in the integration of African American music into the American pop culture zeitgeist.