uk is amazing

Flight of the Conchords are touring the UK in March. Today is amazing. I can’t contain how excited I am. Now just need to find someone to go with who has as weird a sense of humour as me…🇬🇧


Hay-on-Wye is a small market town in Powys, Wales known as “ The town of bookshops.”
It’s got some of the most charming bookshops in the world and it’s the world’s largest second-hand and antiquarian book centre.

Elsie Widdowson (1906-2000) was a British dietitian who oversaw the addition of vitamins to wartime rations across the United Kingdom. She studied chemistry at Imperial College, London, graduating in 1928 as one of the first female students.

She worked for the Department of Experimental Medicine in Cambridge, studying nutrition and the chemical composition of the human body. She demonstrated that a limited diet could be supported with added vitamins, which led to the government programme of enriching wartime foods with calcium and other nutrients. She also worked on rehabilitating the victims of extreme starvation from Nazi concentration camps.

Jane Haining (1897-1944) is the only Scottish person to be officially recognized as Righteous Among the Nations for her humanitarian actions during the Second World War and the Holocaust. She was a Church of Scotland missionary and teacher in Budapest, Hungary, and lost her life for her convictions.

She was responsible for the care and education of dozens of Jewish students, and refused to leave their side when the war broke out. She was eventually captured by the Gestapo, and sent to various concentration camps. She eventually died in Auschwitz in 1944.