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I dont think gun control advocates realise that when you ban guns, you give citizens no weapons but you dont stop criminals. Even if they cant get guns (which they can, if they’re resourceful) they’ll carry knives & most law abiding citizens aren’t willing to stab someone. You think you’re making people safe but you’re upending a level playing field & making the bad guys have the advantage. I’ve had people pull knives on me, on my friends. I’ve been okay as I’m decently experienced at 2 combat sports, but some random 120lb lady in her mid 40′s, how the fuck is she gonna reliably defend herself from an assailant with a knife without a gun? Tasers aren’t reliable, pepper spray isn’t reliable, whistles as a defence tool are a fucking joke. The only way a 120lb woman can reliably win a fight against a 180lb thug is if they have a gun.

How can you be a feminist (I notice a lot of gun control advocates are) if you’re advocating to return to a society in which the great equaliser in violent force between men & women is removed?


Egg flintlock pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Egg c.1820 in London, England - serial number 2476.
.57 caliber over-under twin gold-inlayed damascus steel barrels, flintlock muzzleloaders, single trigger firing each barrel in turn.

Something about pairs of handguns instantly make them immensely cooler, even though chances are they were never used, let alone dual-wielded.

Green 1902 Patent triple-shotgun

Retailed by Westley Richards in England c.1911.
12 gauge triple-barrel cluster, single trigger, top break action, automatic extractor.

There was a short-lived enthusiasm for these guns back in the early 20th century, but balancing problems and no doubt WW1 put an end to it.

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March 13th 1996: Dunblane massacre

On this day in 1996, 20 years ago, at Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, a gunman killed 17 people. The perpetrator, 43 year old Thomas Hamilton, was armed with four handguns and killed 16 children and one adult before committing suicide. Hamilton, an unemployed former shopkeeper and Scout leader, entered the school gymnasium and fired on a class of 5 and 6 year olds. He killed 16 children and their teacher, Gwen Mayor, while injuring many more. Hamilton then shot at other classrooms, before returning to the gym where he killed himself. The shooter’s motives remain unknown, but it had been reported that Hamilton was a paedophile. Future world-renowned tennis player Andy Murray attended Dunblane school and was present during the shootings. In the aftermath of the shootings, a campaign was mounted for stricter gun control laws in Britain, and in 1997 two Firearms Acts were passed which banned private ownership of handguns in the United Kingdom. 20 years on, we remember the victims, and the fortitude and determination of the victims’ families in ensuring legislation was passed to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

“What really incensed me was that, until he came into the gymnasium and took his first shot at me, everything he had was legal. This should never have been able to happen.”
- Eileen Harrild, a teacher at Dunblane

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Warrior Culture : Revolutionary War
Subculture : Minutemen

Unlike formal units of the Continental Army they did not receive much formal military training or drilling and they were required arm and equip themselves. They were however a highly mobile, remarably diverse quick reaction force. Allowing the Revolutionaries the ability to block enemy troop movements, and set up ambushes. Pining down British forces until slower Continental Army or standard militia units could respond.

Minutemen were among the first to fight in the Revolutionary war at Concord, MA. And their forces made up around a quarter of all militia forces during the War for American Independence.

Proving the premise of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. As a group of self armed, largely self trained citizens helped to bring a tyrannical dictator to his knees through quick mobilization.