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How The Government Is Fighting To Stop Trans Women Getting Their Pension
Four trans women are locked in lengthy battles to secure their state pension, as the UK's Department for Work and Pensions opposes them at every turn.
By Patrick Strudwick

The White House is under pressure to clarify whether it has issued an apology to the British government for claiming the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency spied on Donald Trump for the Obama administration.

Less than 24 hours after press secretary Sean Spicer repeated the allegation from a White House podium, British government sources briefed news outlets on Friday morning that the US had apologized. The Telegraph, quoting intelligence sources, even reported the apology came direct from Spicer and National Security Adviser, General H R McMaster.

In an on-the-record statement, a Downing Street spokesperson said the UK government “made clear the allegations were ridiculous and received reassurances that they would not be repeated” following a discussion with US counterparts.

But US officials have been disputed whether the Trump administration had gone as far as an apology. One administration source told BuzzFeed News: “The UK demanded an apology, NSC worked overnight to try and smooth things over.”

The ambiguity over whether it was an apology puts pressure on Trump aides to clarify the exact nature of the conversation. Trump is legendarily opposed to apologizing.

The White House told reporters on Friday that British ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch and Sir Mark Lyall, the UK national security adviser, had expressed their concerns to Spicer and McMaster, who had explained that Spicer was simply pointing to public reports, not endorsing any specific story.

The diplomatic row between the White House and its closest intelligence partner broke out on Thursday when Spicer cited Fox & Friends’ Tuesday show while trying to defend the president’s allegation of wiretapping. On the program, Fox News’ judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano claimed that three intelligence sources had told him Obama called on the services of GCHQ.

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To all police, military, judges, people who work for the state in coercive roles, now is the time. Quit your jobs, join society peacefully.

Stop suckling at the teat of authoritarianism. There will come a day, as history has shown time and time again, where the population of the areas you are violently occupying will take no more.

No more abuse by the police.

No more murder for the state by the military.

No more theft and incarceration by the one sided arbitrary court system.

Look around you. Are you free? Do you feel good about what you’re doing? Are your neighbors free? Are your actions truly beneficial or are they at base malevolent.

You may say “not all police are bad.”
You’d be right. As individuals there’s plenty of police that believe that they are doing what is right.

They remain part of an occupying group of thugs by choice. Is that something a good person does?

The police do not protect people. They extort them. They force people into compliance. They enforce arbitrary and nonsensical dictates from those in power.

What free person isn’t allowed to travel unmolested?

What free person is required to ask permission before purchasing plants or pieces of metal or arranging structures on land they keep?

You are not free. The only ones you serve are those that keep you and your fellow man in chains.

The military. Need i expand on the reason they are an affront to humanity?

They stunt young minds in to meaningless automatons, willing to commit senseless acts of violence on people they don’t know and can’t understand. They make them believe the “enemy” is trying to take their freedom. We know what wrenched our freedom from us.

Those you fight are closer kin to you than any you truly serve. We are all people.

Race, imaginary borders, false national identities, religion. These are all meaningless tools to divide people, in order to control them.

The military serves those who control.

The rest of the states apparatus, congresses, parliaments courts, constitutions, are a veil to give a false legitimacy to the boots stamping down on human faces around the world.

Edicts that punish those who have harmed none, punishments for things any civil person wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Police, military, the “justice” system.

You are tools of the state. Nothing more. Having read this you can’t claim ignorance. You know what you do is wrong.

You’ve known all along that you were a thug for the state, but the mental gymnastics can’t keep up.

No longer can you make excuses.
Not all are bad. It’s for freedom. Just following orders.

You have two options.

1. Quit your job and stop your complicit, active role in the subjugation of humanity.
2. Continue your current position as a rabid, unthinking, feral dog that licks the hand of it’s master that feeds it speciously gained loot

To those close to any of these wayward individuals, it is your duty, not to country, or some vague collective, but to your self, to point out they’re actions for what they are, and let them choose their path.

If it is to remain the boot, let shame be their only friend, their shadow their only companion. Let them feel the isolation of being a mad dog.

Why aren’t more people on tumblr talking about the UK right now?

The Government, within two weeks of being elected, have:

  • said they’re going to abolish the human rights act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights, which really could be anything??
  • appointed a woman who previously opposed same sex marriage as the new equality minister
  • planned on introducing the ‘Snooper’s charter’, which would allow the Government to see every website you go on (etc), and potentially block any apps or sites that use encryption to back up data (adios whasapp), unless they’re given a ‘back door’ to access the data, which could easily be exploited by people such as hackers etc
  • appointed a man who called for the return of hanging (in 1998) as the new justice secretary

It’s not even been two weeks. 

Confused about the political news of the day? The Guardian’s produced this helpful guide to the US government shutdown specifically for non-Americans:

The shutdown situation is a product of the US democratic system. The president is both head of state and head of the federal government, without a guaranteed majority in either of the legislative bodies where new laws are debated and voted upon (because presidents, congressmen and women and senators are elected separately). The president can’t simply ram laws through Capitol Hill.

In Britain, for example, tax and spending policies are outlined in the budget, presented to parliament by the chancellor of the exchequer. These changes are brought into law in a finance bill in the House of Commons. That’s in effect a confidence vote in the government, and even the most fractious backbench MP would balk at rebelling on it.

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Guto Bebb 'despondent' after Scotland visit - BBC News
A Wales Office minister describes Scotland as "another country" after a recent trip to Edinburgh.

A Wales Office minister has described Scotland as  "another country" after a recent trip to Edinburgh.

Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb said he had left feeling “despondent” because it reminded him of Dublin.  

That “should be a warning when visiting a city which is a crucial part of the UK”, he said.

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that she will seek a second referendum on independence.

Mr Bebb, a Conservative party whip, was in the Scottish capital for a British and Irish council meeting.

The meeting brought together the devolved governments from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the UK and Irish governments.

Writing in the North Wales Weekly News, Mr Bebb said: “We have a huge amount in common with citizens of the Irish Republic, as we do Scotland,” including similar television programmes, popular music and “in many ways a shared literature”.

But he said “read their papers, listen to talk shows and watch the news and it’s clearly another country”.


Guys…. Do you think it might finally be sinking in?