uk diaries

First and most important of all: I’M SO PROUD OF MY SPARKLESHARK TO MAKE IT INTO ADVANCED TRAINING!! Can we all just have a moment of proudness for them please? So awesome!! \o/

Now, to the comic, this little conversation made me kinda happy. Sometimes it annoys me that for some reason 99.9% of people seem to automatically assume I’m heterosexual - and are surprised when they find out I’m not and almost act as if I kept a secret from them until then (dude, to begin with, you never even asked!). 

(Btw, I totally realize that the derby context and being a cute fluffball with gf might have helped the impression in this case though. 😁 )

I don’t like the girl who’s birthday party it is tonight because she’s very fake (and also my husbands ex will be there and she HATES me) but I AM looking forward to dressing up and going out because I’ve been working really hard to lose this weight and I’m feeling confident in clothes at the moment 😊

05.05.17 - I didn’t make it to the library today so instead worked at home. I started off reviewing what I learnt yesterday, then did my best to learn some comparative immunology. I had three hours off in the middle of afternoon as I unavoidable meetings and appointments already booked in, but when I got back home this afternoon I managed to learn some more reproduction lectures. I’ll never have to time to learn everything before the exam, so just crossing my fingers I can pass anyway!