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The Craft by Ian Gedge
Via Flickr:
Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk

So I’ve been completely inactive for the past few weeks for various reasons and I will begin posting again very soon, BUT right now I just want to share this project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

I’m starting to post these handmade felt creatures on my new plush blog so check it out if you wanna see some cute mini creatures ☺️


“I WILL SLEEP PEACEFULLY” sigil cup and saucer. Wiccan, Pagan, witchcraft inspired.

This is a ceramic light grey cup and saucer lovingly hand painted with a witchy design.
The saucer is painted with a black pentagram in the middle around which are dark blue sigils.
The inside cup features the hand made sigil at the very bottom in dark blue with dots of dark purple up the sides.

The paint is fixed and dishwasher safe so its perfect for a relaxing cup of herbal tea, or indeed any tea!

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