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Clapham Common Tube station now has pictures of cats instead of ads!

We seriously couldn’t love this anymore! After raising £23,000 ($30,526) on Kickstarter the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S) have achieved their goal of replacing every single advert in a London tube station with pictures of cats!

The pictures will be up in Clapham Common underground station for the next 2 weeks if you’re lucky enough to get down them and see them!



Today had a very autumnal feel, considering it’s supposed to be spring in england now! (cmon weather get urself together) Also I couldn’t decide to include the picture of my kitty, Gracie, but then I remembered cats are always a good idea. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and that if you’re in england like me, you stay warm and cosy

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This is Petra and she is the beautiful queen of Lady Dinah’s cat emporium cafe in London UK! All the cats here are lovely at this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed cafe but Petra just radiates queenly beauty! 😽♥️🇬🇧👑


Sightings of Big Cats in the UK

Over the years, many photographs of Big Cats or ‘Beasts’ have emerged from the United Kingdom. In 2002, a staggering 1,077 sightings were reported but those numbers have since plummeted. It’s thought that species such as panthers, leopards and lynxes were purchased illegally during the 70s, when retailers such as Harrods supposedly sold exotic animals to wealthy buyers. They were then bred, but the breeders either found them too difficult to handle, or nobody wanted to buy them so they released them onto moors and feilds.