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You’ve got to ‘hand’ it to this movie. It’s a classic: AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS review

And Now The Screaming Starts is an 18th century ghost thriller from Hammer Films’ lesser cousin Amicus. Let’s see, a young woman played by Stephanie Beacham (and her bosom) marries a rich dude and moves into his creepy castle. She immediately feels that there’s a strange presence there, and eventually she gets attacked by the crawling hand that killed her Aunt Edith! She screams a lot and gets raped by a ghost, and her psychiatrist (the legendary Peter Cushing) shows up and tries to prove that it’s all in her head. Not perfect and perhaps a bit too upbeat and slow, but I fricken loved this movie. It’s a nicely photographed, gothic horror film with gorgeous sets and nice effects, considering the low budget. Recommended for fans of British horror from the 70’s.

And Now the Screaming Starts
Release year: 1973
Country: UK
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom and Stephanie Beacham

- And Now the Screaming Starts. And the suspense. And the horror. And the drama.
– The dead hand that crawls KILLS and LIVES!
– AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS for them and for you!